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5 Reasons Why Chronic Disease Home Care Aide Training is Imperative for Your Agency’s Future

Home care aides are vital components to the success of your agency. They represent your agency and have the most contact with clients and their families. They are the lifeblood of your organization and contribute to its present and future success.

Home care aide training is needed to maintain the quality of care your agency offers. Medical care advances rapidly and chronic disease care is no exception to this fact. Offering your aides continuing training in all aspect of chronic disease care can give them the tools to provide the quality care needed for your client’s physical and emotional well-being.

There are a number of reasons why home care aide training is vital to your agency.

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Compliance with State and Federal Standards

Medicare and other government funded programs are a primary source of income for most   agencies. These programs collect data concerning patient satisfaction, hospital readmission rates and other outcome improvements. This data is examined to ensure the care provided is in compliance with Medicare and accreditation standards. If positive and improving data is reported, an agency’s reputation can be enhanced, the number of clients served increased and penalties for declining outcomes avoided.

Obtain High Ratings and a Good Reputation with Home Care Aide Training

Websites such as Healthgrades and Home Health Compare are often visited by consumers seeking information about doctors, medical service providers and home health agencies. Providing staff with comprehensive orientation training and continued education in advanced chronic disease care gives your agency credibility and will improve outcomes. Staff training levels are important criteria that is examined by potential clients and their families when choosing a service provider.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Clients with Home Care Aide Training

Clients with chronic disease such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, CHF or COPD have special issues and in order to provide the best care possible, your aides will require advanced training. If your aides are certified in chronic disease care, specialized services can become a revenue source for your agency,  As the population ages and more clients are diagnosis with multiple chronic conditions, to stay competitive, your aides will require advanced chronic disease education.

Decrease Trips to the Hospital and ER

Home care aide training for chronic disease management can help caregivers quickly identify the signs of medical distress and take action that will eliminate unnecessary trips to the hospital or emergency room.  When ER and hospital stays are avoided, your reported outcome data improves. Reducing the need for acute care not only improves client satisfaction but reduces overall healthcare costs by avoiding costly hospital services.

Employee Satisfaction

While the primary focus of your agency is to provide excellent client care, you need satisfied, long term employees to reach this goal.  Providing advanced home care aide training increases job confidence and decreases turnover.Working for an organization that values staff enough to provide continuing education encourages staff to invest time with your agency and remain a valued employee.

Having a stable workforce give aides and clients the opportunity to develop a long term relationship.  It allows aides to get to know their clients well and enables prompt discovery of  medication side effects or worsening symptoms in a client’s condition. Knowledge of chronic disease care, confidence in job skills and happy clients all work together to increase employee satisfaction.

Want to learn more about home care aide training in chronic diseases and not sure where to begin? Kenyon HomeCare Chronic Disease University can help you. Contact us today.


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