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Our Brave New Home Care World: Are You “Change Skilled” Enough to Adapt?

sixth-senseEvery now and then you read something that is so astonishing you can hardly believe it’s true. Our world is changing rapidly. Erick Schmidt, CEO of Google, stated that we are creating more information in two days than we did from the beginning of mankind. No wonder we are overwhelmed. It is hard to keep up but keep up we must if we are to thrive in the new world we are entering.

Three days ago, I watched a video on Ted Talks by Pranav Mistry creator of “Sixth Sense” technology. If the technology of which he speaks is carried to its fullest potential, we will no longer need cell phones, laptops, wristwatches, or any other device we currently use for our day-to-day business.

Imagine a world where home care nurses, therapists, and other caregivers would not need any device other than the pendant developed by Pranav. Nurses could pull up information on medication, display it on the wall in the patient’s home, and provide on-the-spot instructions on drug side effects and interactions. Disease entities could be displayed on the living room wall, showing the red flags to the home care patient. Your staff will literally be able to pull information from the cloud and use it in any manner appropriate to the situation.

So many opportunities are opening up with the emerging technologies. Those who are flexible and “change skilled” will be able to integrate these emerging technologies in a way that will leave the other home health and home care competition in the dust.

What do these emerging technologies mean to the future of the home care industry? First of all, I think it will change how we hire. Not only will we be hiring for clinical and caregiving skills, personalities that are a fit for the organization, and the populations served but we will also have to begin to hire individuals who are “Change Skilled” .

Change Skilled means that an individual is adaptable, flexible, can move with innovation, and find the benefits in those innovations that work for them. To some extent, they must be entrepreneurial in their outlook on life. The article, 7 Essential Skills for Managing Change, by Mark Harrison describes some of the attributes of being change skilled:

  1. People who respond well to change will have a high “ambiguity threshold”
  2. Skillful managers of change will have a constructive “internal monologue”
  3. Those who deal well with change will have a good reservoir of emotional, physical and mental energy from which to draw when things get tough

For the home care agency of the near future, the need to hire for “change skills” will become as critical as measuring for clinical expertise. This is not only necessary or coming, I would argue that it is already here!

How many home care agencies struggle with adoption and acceptance of new software? How many must coach and counsel staff in the process of adoption and adaption? Can you afford the time and the energy to coax staff into this new future? Is it not better to hire the adaptability up front? It is time to add “change skilled” as a required skill for employment.

So many people are security centered and require “safe routines” to function. In the changing world that is upon us, that is a luxury that can no longer be afford. Unfortunately, the safe and secure mind thought describes the majority of the people we hire because it also describes the majority of our society. Given that you will need to begin to education and training for individuals to become more change skilled. You will need to have ongoing education and training for Change Skills just as you do for Universal Precautions and Infection Control. The future is already here.

If you are having difficulties with adoption of new and innovative concepts and need assistance with moving your staff and your agency into your new future, schedule an appointment with Ginny Kenyon today. We are here to help.

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One response to “Our Brave New Home Care World: Are You “Change Skilled” Enough to Adapt?”

  1. Very well written.
    The concepts are now a part of my thinking…
    Amazing what the impact of a few well thought out words can be.
    Best, Patrick

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