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Generation X: How Does Your Agency Retain This Generation Of Employees? Do You Need A New Strategy?

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There is much data out there about employers struggling to meet needs of the millennial generation. In many cases, focus on the millennials causes employers to lose the current Gen X employees. Let’s take a look at what it takes for recruitment and retention of the Gen X employees today.

Where Is Gen X Now?

Well, the reality is that Gen X is in the prime of employment. They are at the peak of their work life. The age ranges from late 30’s to early in their 50’s. So, what does that employee look like today? The stage in life is geared toward stability and potentially looking for promotion within a stable work environment. How do you see these employees? Do you consider someone in their early 50’s as someone you want to promote if they have been stable in a current work position for a number of years?

To Promote Or Not To Promote:

Since we have baby boomers in the workforce much longer, some promotional opportunities may be delayed for the Gen X employee. In addition, Millennials are generally considered for promotion before the seasoned Gen X employee. Meanwhile, it is generally noted that the Gen X employees still hold more of the workload than the Millennial. If we continue to expect more from the Gen X employee without rewarding them with advancement, then we should expect them to lose motivation to perform and potentially leave. Now is a crucial time in the home health and hospice industry to focus on growth and development of seasoned Gen X employees.

Gen X Growth And Development:

We already know that different generations of employees learn best in different ways. However, learning activities that are personalized to the employee are successful regardless of the generation of employee. Identify what learning activity suits the Gen X employee you work with and structure learning and promotional activities around this concept. It will make the process easier and less stressful for the employee while helping them to understand the investment you have made in their success.

Provide opportunity for the Gen X employee to function in outside organizations to promote learning from external sources. Consider your state or national conferences. These provide education, networking, engagement, and opportunity for the employee to grow. Now, an employee make scoff at the costs associated with on-site conferences, but the learning and growth for your employee is invaluable. It also allows the employee to know you are invested in them too.

Let’s say you have promoted your Gen X employees to the highest level possible within your organization. This doesn’t mean the need to promote growth and development changes. These Gen X employees generally supervise more individuals than their younger less experienced counterparts. They need to remain engaged and able to support those they supervise.

Allow Your Gen X Employee To Thrive:

This group of employees have talents often underscored. These employees serve to bridge the gap between the baby boomers and millennial generation. They have strengths that relate to both. Give your Gen X’ers the freedom to lead. Gen X employees can work independently. So, don’t micromanage them. Reward these employees appropriately with competitive salaries and bonuses. The reality is, these employees have worked for years to achieve the current salaries they earn. Meanwhile, they see young and inexperienced individuals hiring in at the same rates or just a little lower. While the employer understands the difficulty of recruitment often leads to high salaries on job proposals, it does little to help the long-term loyal Gen X. So, make sure to make up for it in other ways. Also, consider increased flexibility for these employees. Gen X employees are part of the sandwich generation who often have young families at home while caring for aging parents.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help With Strategy:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we work with agencies struggling to put the clinical and operational puzzle pieces together. Join us for a free webinar on recruitment and retention strategies.  Call us today or contact us online to see how we can help you get the employees you need and keep the ones you have.

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