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8 Things You Learned From Mom About Executive Managers

There’s something to be said about the lessons we learn as children. Whether it’s remembering to brush our teeth or understanding the complex emotions of life, important values are instilled in us early by our mothers. Several of these lessons...

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health care costs

Will New Models Reduce Health Care Costs For The Sickest?

Today’s guest post is by Ken Accardi, who is sometimes referred to as the “Home Care Software Geek.”  Ken founded Ankota LLC to improve the efficiency and coordination of care outside of the hospital. Enjoy his always valuable...

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in-house coding

What Costs Are Involved When You Stop Coding In-House?

Apart from the actual clinical services you provide, well managed billing, including outsourcing or coding in-house and supportive documentation, is your single most important process. After all, revenues are the lifeblood of your homecare agency....

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home health agency

The Inevitable Demise Of The Certified Home Health Agency

For those of you who read the Ankota blog, you know that we’re very excited about the future of the home care industry.  That hasn’t changed one bit, but the industry as we know it today will change dramatically over the coming years....

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Can You Pay Home Care Caregivers $15/hour or More?

There’s been a lot of talk and press about getting homecare caregivers to a $15/hour wage, which equates to an annual income of roughly $30,000 per year. There’s even a movement called Fight for $15 that is organizing strikes and lobbying...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have A Very Happy Thanksgiving With Family And Friends!

All of us at Kenyon Homecare Consulting would like to wish all of you in the homecare and hospice community a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to be a part of a community of people who care about the aged and infirm. Thank you for all you do...

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