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Can You Imagine Life Without A Remarkable Startup Consultant?

You’ve taken the plunge and made the decision to expand your homecare organization—or maybe to launch a brand new one. You’ve done your research, chosen a location, and made all the plans. Now the real fun begins!

What is a Startup Consultant?

As a business owner, you know that even the best laid plans fail without proper execution. You understand that having a dream and turning that dream into reality are two completely different things. A lot of people are dreamers but very few are doers. A startup consultant thrives on helping you jump from that first category of people to the second…seamlessly.startup consultant

How exactly does this startup consultant achieve such a tremendous feat? By showing you the ropes, educating you on best practices, and allowing you to learn from his or her past mistakes. But most importantly, by guiding you every step of the way until your journey is complete.

Working with a Startup Consultant to Achieve Success

Humans aren’t meant to always work alone. That’s why throughout history, we’ve formed families, communities, and teams. It’s in our nature to work together and partake in group activities. And for good reason.

You may be perfectly capable of getting your new homecare startup off the ground running on your own, but at what cost? How many hours of sleep will you lose, and how many frustrations will you endure trying to do it alone? How many times will you need to fail before finally realizing the necessity of working with a reliable, qualified startup consultant?

In case that doesn’t convince you, here are three specific reasons to consider bringing in some outside help.

Industry Experience

The best consultants have extensive knowledge of the homecare industry because they’ve completed numerous startups. They work with different sized and types of agencies in varying phases of growth. They know the ins and outs of homecare, from best marketing practices to employee hiring.

This kind of wisdom is crucial to the success of your agency and comes only from working with someone who’s been there and done that.

Expertise in Startups

In addition to understanding the general homecare industry, a good consultant knows how to build a firm foundation for new business. You could consider this person an organizational engineer, designing and planning every last detail necessary for constructing a solid structure.

The best part? Not only does an extraordinary startup consultant plan for the obvious steps, but he or she also plans for the unexpected, advising you on what to avoid as well as what to do during the startup phase.

Familiarity with Regulations

Nothing good comes from misunderstanding the importance of government homecare regulations. Unfortunately, wading through the jargon and the mounds of documents associated with those regulations is often confusing and very time-consuming. Working with a qualified homecare consultant saves you the headache of dealing alone with these requirements.

Also the right consultant is not only knowledgeable about state and federal requirements, but accreditation standards. With their thorough understanding of surveys, consultants can conduct an onsite mock accreditation or state licensing surveys. This helps you be compliant and continue to succeed.

Why Choose a Kenyon HomeCare Startup Consultant?

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, our professionals are well-versed in new agency startups and expansions. We offer a full range of support services to keep your organization moving and growing, including but not limited to:

  • Software selection assistance;
  • Administrative policy and procedure manuals;
  • Community assessment assistance;
  • Recruitment and retention strategies.

Schedule a consultation today to get started on your path to success!

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