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Looking To Train And Hire New Executive To Replace An Administrator And Don’t Have Time To Do It All Yourself? Interim Management To The Rescue!

Interim Management

Sometimes, administrative changes are anticipated and prepared for with succession planning and plenty of notice. Other times, it is very sudden and there isn’t a plan in place. Enter Interim Management. Take some time to do some homework and understand how a short-term interim can be your key to hiring, training, and stabilizing staff around the loss of an administrator.

Anticipate The Unanticipated:

Consider your yearly strategic planning and how much time is spent on considering what you think won’t happen. That is a mouthful of a sentence! You and your governance need to consider the potential of big change even when you don’t necessarily see it coming anytime soon. It takes one major illness, need to become a caregiver, tragic accident, or sudden passing to change the entire course of your agency leadership. Reality is, it happens everyday. It can take the well-oiled machine of an agency off the rails. Your ability as an agency to move on and through the loss or change is crucial for all staff.

Enter Interim Management:

So, let’s say the unthinkable happens. Now, you are trying to fill a critical role while trying to cover that role at the same time. If you plan appropriately, you have adequate back-ups in place. However, interim management may be the back-up you need. Picture moving forward with someone who can assist with business operations, personnel management, clinical issues, and help you pick the right person to fill the spot. People often think interim management is about a high priced person that fills a spot, but still leaves you with all things to do to replace and train someone. This is not the case. Interim management can help search, hire, and train you new administrator while you work through the process of continuing your own job.  It is a process that can avoid missteps later in your process that can cost a lot more time and money later.

The key is to determine what your needs for an interim are. Maybe you have a high level clinical person you need to hire and you do not have the expertise to cover that person within your organization. Or, maybe you are a clinically based administrator and work side-by-side with a business or operations manager you need to replace. Either way, the needs specific to your organization are the key to choosing the interim manager you need.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Be Part Of Your Strategic Plan:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have a senior associate team that works together to meet all needs homecare, home health, and hospice. If you need short or longer term interim management, we will fit you with the associate that works best for you.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can be your headquarters for interim management.

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