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Specialized Support

Along with our regular consulting services, Kenyon HomeCare Consulting offers a variety of specialized services designed to deliver smarter solutions and better outcomes for you. A viable tool for organizations that are interested in growth but are unsure as to how to articulate change in a variety of areas, Kenyon HomeCare Consulting offers:

  • Strategic planning & development
  • Competitive analysis & industry trends
  • Salary surveys
  • Product comparisons
  • Marketing support
    • Marketing and PR plans
    • Branding
    • Value proposition/positioning
    • Competitive analysis
    • Logo development
    • Web site design
  • Business Planning
  • Market analysis
  • Operational & systems development
  • Organizational development
  • Staff recruitment, training, development & retention
  • Product Development/Service Diversification
  • Product Diversification (Private Pay)
  • Program Diversification (Hospice/Home Health)
  • Program Service Diversification (Hospice/Home Health
  • Creative product design (Mommy & Me, Day Surgery, etc.)
  • Financial systems development
  • Software selection