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10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant When Growing Your Business


As a business owner, growth is likely your number one goal. Whether you dream of opening additional locations, expanding your services, or simply gaining more clients, growing your homecare organization is a time-consuming and often stressful endeavor. So how do you manage to tackle a major growth project while continuing to maintain daily operations? Consider working with an expert consultant.

How a Homecare Consultant Spurs Business Growth

There’s no shame in asking for help when it comes to growing your homecare business. Have you heard the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”? The same holds true of your homecare agency. The support of like-minded professionals is vital to continued success. Here are 10 things a homecare consultant will do to drive your organization toward growth.

1. Temporarily Replace Management-Level Employee

It’s pretty difficult to implement new programs when you’re short-staffed. Whatever the reason for a manager leaving, your consultant takes on the role gap and fills in to keep things running smoothly.

2. Help Train and Orient New Manager

Once you’ve chosen a permanent replacement for your former manager, a consultant can assist with training and orienting the new team member. Having temporarily taken on the responsibilities of that position, your consultant understands your processes, culture and what support is needed from you and other staff to experience success.

3. Provide an Organizational Assessment

The right expert can perform a comprehensive organizational assessment to identify and implement a plan to correct any issues. Being an integral part of your agency, you may occasionally—and unintentionally—turn a blind eye to existing problems. Or maybe you see the problems but are unsure of the most time and cost effective corrections. Your consultant has the knowledge and experience to lead the charge!

4. Help Revamp Goals

Before you can move forward with an expansion or growth plan, you need to know where you’re headed and where you want to be. It’s important to develop specific goals with timelines, both long-term and short-term. If you’re stuck, a homecare consultant can help.

5. Act as Temporary Manager for New Business Ventures

Maybe you’re looking to expand your homecare business but don’t have the qualified staff to handle the additional duties. For example, if plans are to launch a new business line, such as a hospice, you need a knowledgeable, experienced hospice manager.

6. Prevent Overwhelmed Employees

Whether you’re short-staffed because of a management-level employee leaving or due to expansion plans, existing team members can quickly feel the pressure of picking up the slack. Bringing an expert in to take on the extra responsibilities prevents staff burn-out and ensures continued quality client care.

7. Help Maintain Your Community Reputation

When undergoing a major transition, it’s imperative to maintain the status quo in the community with clients, staff and referral sources. Keeping your outward appearance in check is a job for your homecare consulting expert.

8. Keep Staff Morale Up

Employees tend to panic when things turn upside down at their workplace. They begin to wonder if a new role is in their future, if they’ll be assigned additional work, or even if they’ll be let go. A professional homecare consultant will provide team reassurance.

9. Evaluate Industry Trends and Competition

Before beginning any new venture, it’s important to know of any new initiatives or changes coming to the industry. The right expert can educate and guide you in this area.

10. Provide Marketing Support

Internal and new business line growth simply can’t exist without proper marketing efforts. You need the right methods for getting the word out and bringing in new clients. A homecare consultant knows the marketing channels that work as well as the dead-ends.

Kenyon HomeCare Consultants and Your Growth

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we have consultants and interim managers to provide the support you need to achieve your business goals. Whatever your plans, we find solutions that fit. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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