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10 Reasons to Provide Advanced Chronic Disease Education

When it comes to training employees, there’s no better way to create an elite homecare staff than with chronic disease education for aides. This advanced education goes far beyond simple traditional employee or caregiver training. With chronic disease education, your aides receive the knowledge and experience required to differentiate your organization launching you toward greater homecare success.

Benefits of Chronic Disease Education to Your Bottom Line

There are numerous programs from which to choose for employee training. But if you want your organization to succeed beyond your wildest expectations, then you need more than just training. You need in-depth education.

Here’s how providing advanced chronic disease education for your aides saves money, boosts profits, and generally improves your bottom line.

  1. Increases client satisfaction by providing a specific level of care designed for each diagnosis, leading to repeat business and more referrals.
  2. Improves employee retention by providing a career ladder and opportunities for growth. This, in turn, saves money by reducing turnover.
  3. Reduces rehospitalizations as a result of more knowledgeable aides who are better able to distinguish between serious warning signs and normal symptoms.
  4. Provides the chance to advertise and offer unique services, which are essential with the rise of chronic diseases.
  5. Gives you an edge over the competition because your staff is trained to provide specific services others can’t provide.
  6. Enhances your reputation within the community, leading to an influx of new clients.
  7. Prevents legal penalties by ensuring aides manage client care correctly and efficiently.
  8. Betters professional referral relationships and leads to an increase in referrals from these sources.
  9. Reduces the cost of training because there are no lecturers to prepare or travel expenses to pay.
  10. Online education stays up-to-date, current and easily accessible by your caregivers.

Choosing the Best Chronic Disease Education

You’ve made the decision to give chronic disease education a try. Now what? How do you choose the right program for your organization?

First, consider your learners. Your aides are adults who work full time, in addition to having family and community obligations. Studies show that adults learn differently than younger students, so consider what adult learning principles are used when choosing an employee education program. For the best return on inveatment, choose education that is:

  • Convenient for learners
  • Relatable to real client care situations
  • Allows for independent self paced study
  • Cost effective for both employees and your agency

When you offer online education that enables aides to learn as their schedules allow, complete at their own pace, and affords elite status, they’re more likely to excel.

With online chronic disease education, your aides can study from the comfort of their own homes or in-between taking care of clients. They have the ability to learn at the tempo that works best for them, without taking away from their everyday responsibilities.

What Aide University Offers

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting Aide University, students learn everything they need to provide top-notch, five-star chronic disease care to your clients. This program teaches aides how to recognize red flags, report condition changes before hospitalization is needed, and specific care options for chronic conditions. Aide University is the only online education program of its kind, so don’t hesitate to contact us get started today!

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