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5 Reasons Staffing Can Be Attached To Leadership

LeadershipIn today’s world, good leadership makes a huge difference. This means poor management can cause turnover, poor morale, and decreased productivity.

Working With Interim Management Companies

Management methods makes a huge difference for staff. Here are five reasons to assess management of your organization.

1. Home Health/Hospice Responsibilities

Home health care and hospice are very different from other healthcare organizations. Nurses in homecare also function as amateur physical therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and often clergy. That’s a lot of pressure for nurses. Therefore, effective management is important to help handle it.

2. Financial Success

Even though a passion for the mission is so important, clinical staff also need to make a solid living. Strong leadership gives employees a sense of security. Strong leadership equals agency success, which equals employee success.

3. Critical Thinking Skills

Nurses must provide care solutions that are unique to each patient in their own surroundings. This differs from the controlled environment of a hospital or SNF.  Management needs to promote critical and comprehensive thinking skills.  Then, nurses can properly assess and make the best decisions.

4. A Feeling Of Support

In the day-to-day requirements of home and hospice care, nurses can quickly become overwhelmed. If leadership functions in an environment of fear, employees will struggle. On the other hand, employees who feel supported are likely to thrive—and stick around.

5. Education And Preparedness

Many times, an employee’s performance comes down to training. Leaders offering education beyond the basics have better prepared employees. Hence, less turnover and top-notch client care results.

Making It Happen: Finding Interim Management Companies

Sometimes, this level of leadership can seem impossible. This is where interim management is key. Consultants can fill a void or help you find what’s missing in agency leadership.

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we understand the value of effective leadership. Our interim management program has the tools you need to improve management skill.  Reach out to us today to learn more.

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