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A Great Policy And Procedure Manual: Why It Can Be A Best Friend In Human Resources!

policy and procedure manualWhen administration talks about tough parts of the job, it often isn’t regulation.  The most time-consuming portion is personnel. Right? Well, here is the perfect reason why a great policy and procedure manual can make things a whole lot easier to manage.


Whether accredited or not, compliance to regulations is key. You need a policy and procedure manual that shows that your agency follows and addresses all federal and state regulations. If you have already been through survey, then you know how important your manual is.  If you are a new start-up agency, you need to understand that your policy and procedure manual is not something to sit on a shelf. It needs to be functional and relevant to your daily activity.


As business owners, you know how huge this category is. You have to think about labor laws, wages, reimbursement, benefits, etc. It can be overwhelming. However, it is so important nonetheless. Any human resources manager will rely heavily on the policy and procedure manual to guide operations. Depending how your agency is structured, you may have multiple branch managers who are administrators for their own branch. It is important for human resources to guide these branch managers to follow policy in local operations too. A great policy and procedure manual provides consistency and clarification. This is both for employees and supervisors.

Employee Appraisals:

Make this a teaching tool for both positive work and constructive criticism. As an administrator, it is difficult to address serious performance concerns when you only see glowing appraisals. If your appraisals are not set up well, then you defeat your purpose. Do you address the things you need to address? Or, maybe the supervisor has a difficult time using the appraisal as a constructive tool. Either way, an appraisal is both a teaching tool and a way to commend a job well done.

We Have Policy And Procedure Manuals:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have online manuals for all lines of service including accreditation. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30-minute consultation to see if your manual does what it should.

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