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An Age Of Disruption Part 2


An Age Of Disruption Part II

In the previous blog I discussed one of the major changes coming in our world of home health because of the integration of technology and AI [Artificial Intelligence].  That discussion focused on the creation and beginning use of “Carebots”.

Today I want to discuss another major change; integration with AI and memory.  In the link below Tom Gruber discusses what he is calling Humanistic AI.  While this is in its infancy, it will not take long before it is a reality.  He invasions using AI to remember for us so that indignity of dementia and Alzheimer’s will be a thing of the past. Please see the link below.

Additionally, on the horizon is the use of integrated biology, gene therapy and AI to repair the disorders caused by disease so that in the future diseases that are so disabling right now will not exist in the future.  That will be discussed in future blogs.


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