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Are You Giving Your Customers Quality SEO Content?

Guest article from my friend and colleague, Scott Siders.

Most business owners know their target audience is searching for their products and services online. They know they need to consistently produce relevant search engine optimized (SEO) content to attract those potential customers. This content includes SEO articles, press releases, case studies, blogs, social media posts, and more.

But many business owners overlook the importance of the quality of the SEO content they publish for the world to see. SEO content that doesn’t attract the search engines and their target audience doesn’t just waste time and money. Poor quality SEO content can actually damage their brand and reputation. Potential customers may see their company as inferior, even if their products and services are superior to their competition.

The solution is publishing high-quality SEO content their customers want on a regular basis.

An online quality SEO content strategy does just that. Article marketing programs are some of the most incredibly effective strategies for generating great SEO content that attracts prospects to Web sites. A superior article marketing program includes:

  • Keyword research (know what your potential customers are searching for)
  • Two SEO articles on topics of interest to your target audience (give them the information they want and get them to click-through to your Web site)
  • Online SEO article submission (articles are published on high-page-rank sites where customers can find them)
  • Two newsletters you can send to your mailing list (save time and money without having to create another marketing piece)
  • Analyzing SEO results to ensure and improve performance
  • An SEO content writer to do all of the work for you

Start giving your customers the high-quality SEO content they want. Be a thought-leader, build your brand, and grow your business.

About the Author:

Scott Siders is an SEO content specialist and copywriter who increases a company’s exposure, drives more traffic to Web sites, and grows businesses with targeted online marketing strategies, including optimized Web sites, article marketing, email marketing, blogs, social media, and much more. Get more information and start building your brand by visiting, emailing, or calling 714.335.5677.

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