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Are You Keeping Up With Oasis Guidance? Do Your Employees? Why The CMS Q&As Should Be A Given Just Like Something Saved In Your DVR To Record.


When I think about my DVR, there are certain shows it has recorded for years. If something happens that it doesn’t, then it is irritating. Am I right? I don’t even have to think about whether or not the show is on a different night or time because the DVR just handles it. We need to think about Oasis in that same manner. CMS updates and does quarterly Q&As so we as providers receive direct guidance on questions that pertain to accuracy and ultimately clinical and coding compliance. So, let’s look specifically at some of the guidance this year as well as where to find it.

Where On CMS.Gov?

The first step is talking to the staff responsible for your Oasis review and coding. In many agencies, these individuals are different. Why? The person responsible for coding really ought to be the one who is certified in Oasis as well. This way there is congruency between the codes and Oasis data because those reviewing it understand the complexity of the document. Then, make sure those employees are seeking out info from the correct source. CMS posts the quarterly Q&As for your review and as an ongoing reference point. However, agencies do not always utilize the data. In entering agencies, it is common for us to follow up with employees on this type of information to see if they understand and regularly access updated information.

Here Are A Couple Questions To Ponder?

As we reviewed some of the guidance from the Q&As, here are some things to ask those responsible in your agency for Oasis review and coding:

If you receive a complete referral but realize the diagnosis is not part of a PDGM clinical grouping, what day would you put down on MO104? Is it the date of the initial complete referral or the date you receive the corrected info including the clinical grouping diagnosis?  Answer

Your patient is able to navigate the few stairs to get into her home, but is unable to go up the flight of stairs inside her home. How would they score GG0100C?  Answer

Your patient agreed to shower within the SOC assessment timeframe with assist from the OT. However, the patient did not allow any assist and was only observed washing her abdomen and wetting the rest of her body. How would you answer GG130E?  Answer

Your patient gets up and off the side of the bed, walks in the bathroom, and sits on the toilet. What should be the response for GG0170F toilet transferring?  Answer

Now, if your Oasis and coding individuals do not know the answer, the key is they know where to find it and what guidance they refer to on a regular basis. In addition, they actually have to seek it out. If they aren’t sure but do not regularly find the answer for themselves, then you most likely have inaccurate Oasis.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help!

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have senior clinical consultants certified in Oasis and coding who do education and competency for agencies. If you need one-on-one education for your staff, we have it. If you are looking for someone to take on your coding, then look no further. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help improve your competency and accuracy on Oasis and ICD 10 coding.

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