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Are you Ready For Your Home Health Survey? Here’s Why A Mock Survey From A Senior Consultant Can Save You Money And Headache In The Process Of Figuring Out The Answer!

regulatory complianceThe Conditions of Participation have been in full swing for a little while now.  However, those in the process of being surveyed with the new COPs are finding out it is tougher.  Let’s look at why is makes sense both financially and from a compliance standpoint to have a home care consultant mock survey your agency prior to the real thing.

Changes That Can Can Cause Problems:

As an industry, when something allows more flexibility on the part of the agency, it seems like a good thing.  However, this can be where mistakes are made.  Here are a couple of things that are misinterpreted and cause citations:

  • Supervision Of LPNs And Rehab Assistants: It is no longer listed in the COPs as required by a specific timeframe.  Agencies often misinterpret this as no longer being necessary.  The difference now is just that the agency determines the frequency.  If you don’t have it listed in policy as to how often and how you complete the supervision process, then you are out of compliance.  There still needs to be a standard to your supervision and it has to make sense.
  • “Record Review”: Agencies may have jumped up and down at the idea that a formal “record review” process quarterly was no longer required.  If you don’t review the records, how do you know if you meet standards of practice? If you don’t look at medication reviews, intervention completion, or visit frequency, then how do you show compliance? There still needs to be a format in your QI that shows you have ensured the quality of the care is being met and measurement is relevant to your agency.  Again, the timing of how often you review for compliance is what has changed here.
  • No More Margin Of Error: In the past, an agency was allowed a margin of error. Now, one chart missing an order or one aide supervision missing can cause the citation.  This is huge for potential of multiple site visits.

How Does A Mock Survey Save You Money?:

Ultimately, whether or not you are looking at state survey or accreditation, a mock survey goes a long way in getting your compliance into shape prior to survey.  A senior home care consultant will approach your agency like the surveyor would.  Giving you detailed information as to where and where you don’t meet the regulations.  These items can be corrected prior to survey and allow the actual survey to become less stressful.  It is not new that less citations mean decreased risk for re-survey. Additional surveys mean additional plans of correction and more time of office and clinical staff to complete the certification process. This is expensive for an agency.

Let Us Help You Get Ready For Survey:

Whether you need help with a new accreditation or need someone to make sure you are compliant ahead of survey, Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help! With a home care consultant who has experience with CHAP, JCO, and ACHC, we can help make the process smoother and get you survey ready.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to set up your free consultation.

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