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As An Employer, Do You Feel Like You Have The Right People In The Wrong Places? Now Is The Time To Make The Change!

organizational restructuringThat first sentence is a handful, isn’t it? Organizational restructuring is tough, but often necessary.  If now isn’t the time, then when? Let’s look at what some of the big hurdles are and how to overcome them.  

“We Have The Best Team” 

That’s fantastic. Not all agencies can make that statement. Long-term employees and bright new talent are a great mix. These are the teams that seem to go with the flow and work efficiently through bumps in the road. If you think you have that mix but aren’t working like a well-oiled machine, then it deserves another glance. Maybe you have all the talent in the world, but employees don’t function in roles that suit individual strengths. This is very common in agencies. It is the adage of putting a square peg in a round whole. Employees cannot function at optimal levels in every role within your agency. Employees can become discouraged and overwhelmed when given job roles that don’t fit them.  

“We Can’t Keep Staff” 

This is another big reason that employees get discouraged. You have your dedicated staff filling so many roles because new employees do not stay. You may have your core team, but for how long? Don’t take for granted that employees are ok with playing multiple roles long-term. This ultimately hurts your process too. Your core and dedicated staff can’t function at 100% at any of roles they are given.  

Organizational Restructuring: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have senior associates that can help provide objectivity on workflow. A senior associate will look at staffing and how functioning on clinical and non-clinical levels affect your day-to-day and bottom dollar. Sometimes it becomes difficult to see staff objectively. You have worked with these people for years. You have seen them through good times and bad. An outside source can see things differently than someone deep in the daily routine. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help with organizational restructuring.  

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