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Aware of the Top 10 Interim Management Success Boosters?

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Every business owner eventually faces the loss of a management-level employee. Sure, there are ways to prevent the loss with employee engagement, but sooner or later, it will happen. People move, retire, start a family, or simply become disenchanted with their current job choice.

But maybe that’s not what you’re dealing with right now. Maybe business is great and you’re looking to offer a new service or add a new location.

Fortunately, there’s a smart solution to both of these situations: interim management.

Benefits of Interim Management

By providing an experienced homecare professional to temporarily fill your open position or provide experience when embarking on a new service, interim management allows you to seamlessly continue with business as usual in the midst of a major transition.

Here are ten success-boosting benefits of working with an interim manager.

  1. Burn-Out Prevention. It’s easy to throw extra work on your existing employees when a manager leaves your organization or when you decide to expand your reach. But this doesn’t benefit anyone – it causes chaos and puts added stress on your team. An interim manager takes on the vacated workload so that your remaining staff doesn’t feel overworked.
  2. Steady Productivity. That burn-out just mentioned, often results in lowered productivity. When things are crazy at work, people tend to become distracted or overwhelmed. Hiring an interim manager helps keep productivity levels at their highest.
  3. Long-Term Solutions. While interim management isn’t a permanent fix, these temporary managers provide realistic long-term goals and plans for improvements that will remain in place once vacant position is filled.
  4. Flexibility. No two organizations are the same, even within the homecare industry. The right interim manager works with you to develop goals and a plan specific to your cultural needs.
  5. Superb Client Care. With major changes, client care often suffers as a result. Knowing this is the last thing you want, interim managers maintain business as usual. Job one is to keep staff on track so clients aren’t aware that anything is different.
  6. Goal Reaching. Organizational goals were in place before the job vacancy or the additional business plans. With an interim manager, you can continue to meet these goals throughout the transition, meaning no lost time or money.
  7. Reputation Management. You have an image to maintain in your community. Clients, families, referral sources, and medical professionals don’t need to know when an internal crisis occurs. Interim managers fill the gap and you stay in good community standing throughout the challenge.
  8. Experienced Consultants. Interim managers have seen it all – been there, done that, and bought a t-shirt. Why does this matter? It means they can redirect if you’re headed toward a dead end. This allows your organizational vision and success to remains intact.
  9. Outside Perspective. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand a problem staring you straight in the face. You may think there’s no way out, but a fresh set of eyes can better analyze the situation and offer a workable solution.
  10. Industry Knowledge. Interim managers understand the differences between all of all types of homecare services. They know resources that will meet your needs, and where to find them. Because of experiences, they have numerous feasible solutions to draw upon.

Choosing the Best Interim Management Program

Once you’ve made the decision to bring in an outsider, it’s important to research and spend time deciding which interim management company is best for your organization. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. The interim manager you choose affects not only today’s productivity, but also the future success of your agency.

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer all the benefits mentioned here, and more. Our experts support all types of homecare organizations as they transition, expand, and grow. When you find yourself in need of a little outside help and ready to learn more, click here. Your organization will thank you.

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