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The ever-changing world of homecare often has heads spinning. Whether agencies are dealing with operational changes with PDGM coming or trying to navigate clinical documentation with Oasis and coding, it can be overwhelming. Chronic disease management is often on the back burner to everything else. But, how does an agency ever consistently improve STAR ratings without managing chronic disease like a champion?

What Does Your Agency Do To Educate On Chronic Disease?

Consider your orientation process with new employees. Is this the time they receive chronic disease education? If it is mainly about your process, then it isn’t a deep dive to really educate the clinicians. How do you address competency of chronic disease care and how often? Maybe you don’t really have a set educational program for chronic disease right now. As we move into the fast pace of PDGM, a deep understanding and critical thinking from all clinicians involved in care is vital to efficient patient-centered care.

Educate All Clinical Staff:

When administrators think about chronic disease education, the first thing that comes to mind is nursing. Although nursing is the prime mover and case manager of the care plan, the therapy disciplines and aides are just as vital. Let’s think about football for a second. Would you even consider teaching and practicing plays and only telling the quarterback or the receivers? The care plan is the playbook for all clinical disciplines. It requires everyone work to full scope of practice with every visit. It is no different than the football analogy. If nursing is doing everything in its capability to manage the care, but therapy and home health aides aren’t, then it is like having the offensive line fall asleep during the play. Star ratings can’t improve and patient care isn’t what it can be. Enter a well designed chronic disease management program to get everyone ready when the ball is snapped!

What Is Next? 

You can develop your own program. This will take you time and its efficacy will depend upon the execution of the staff in charge of development and implementation. You can also decide for on-site education from someone trained and skilled in chronic disease management programs. There are also online programs that work to educate all types of clinical disciplines. Also, look for programs that not only educate about the diseases themselves, but consider those that work with agencies to implement management programs. It really doesn’t matter if everyone is educated if there is not a coordinated effort between disciplines to put the knowledge into play.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Be Your Education Headquarters:

Every great team needs a great coach behind it and we can be that coach! At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we focus on helping agencies provide high quality outcome -based care that utilizes a team approach to chronic disease management. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see about our Chronic Disease University that includes online training as well as on-site education.

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