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Build Loyalty, Longevity, And A Positive Corporate Culture Within Your Agency: 5 Steps To Become A Successful Learning Organization

What builds a positive corporate culture today? Those companies with a true learning organization understand and utilize its principles to sustain a successful workplace culture for all involved.  Let’s look at the what makes up your corporate culture and then what steps need taken to develop the learning organizations you want it to be.

What Determines Corporate Culture:

A company’s culture is composed of both tangible and non-tangible components. There are things within every work environment that either contribute to good work or contaminate the good into bad work. Let’s look at some consistent components to this process:

  • Values: What defines your company values? Would the description you give versus the employees match? This is important. It will guide what the employee is working towards accomplishing.
  • Employees: In order to build a successful corporate culture, your employees must be hired carefully. Each employee is essential to support the culture.
  • Work Environment: Too many employees in a small amount of space gives the wrong impression of the corporate culture. The workspace that employees have plays a bigger role in culture than you might think.
  • Actions: Employee see how you demonstrate core values and priorities.
  • Opportunities For Bonding: It is important for employees to see the investment the company has in them. Do you create times outside of work for people to bond? Do you have ways the employees can share feelings about what is or isn’t working well in an environment that is less formal or off-site?

Now that we have looked at what things help to determine your corporate culture, let’s consider the 5 main items to implement while becoming a learning organization. Ultimately, it is no surprise that your corporate culture can make or break your business.

5 Crucial Steps To A Learning Organization:

The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization was first developed by Peter Senge in 1990. His 5 steps will be referenced as part of building your own learning organization. He coined his book as the Fifth discipline which focuses on systems thinking to bring about successful change management. It is this final discipline which allows an organization to transition into a successful learning organization.  Here are the 5 steps need to transition your corporate culture:

  • Personal Mastery– creating a personal vision and viewing the world objectively.
  • Mental Model– Determines your conceptual framework and assumptions.
  • Team Learning– This skill is based upon group problem solving and learning.
  • Building a Shared Vision– This gives employees energy and a focus. It is essential to a Learning Organization.
  • Systems Thinking– Analyzes patterns by looking at a holistic viewpoint in your agency, not lots of small unmanageable parts.

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