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Have A Happy Fourth Of July!

July 4thAs we celebrate with family and friends today, Kenyon Homecare Consulting would like to wish you a safe and happy Independence Day. We thank the men and women out there serving to keep our country the home of the free and the brave.  Enjoy today and God bless the USA!



Is Your Home Care Agency Ready For 2015?

2015 New year countdown timerEvery business makes New Year’s resolutions, but strategic planning sets apart those who are successful from those who may have to shut their doors. Making a goal (or resolution) is only half the battle. In order to meet that resolution you must create a plan of action, which means doing some research, coming up with a strategy, and implementing it.

There are many changes coming for 2015, especially for the home care industry. If you have not made your New Year’s resolutions, now is a critical time to start. And you should plan how you will tackle these changes, because ignoring them could be detrimental to your business. Below you will find three issues that should be part of your New Year’s resolutions. (more…)

Home Health Consultants Help Your Agency Grow With Specialty Services

home health consultants

We’ve all seen the home health care industry grow by leaps and bounds over the past decade. With more home health care agencies and service providers than ever before, the competition is getting tougher. Client expectations are growing as well, and as the Baby Boomer generation reaches its peak, there is an even greater demand for specialty services. Home health care agencies that don’t take the time to listen to clients and look for unique ways to remain competitive will have a hard time standing out. Home health consultants can help you capitalize on these growth opportunities by identifying the best specialty services for your market.


How to Get the Most Out of Home Care Marketing for the Holidays

happy_holidays_from_stevescorch_by_sdyoshi123-d4jsq94The holidays are trying times for all in home care. More client care is requested from clients and family, and more caregivers want time off to be with family. Thus many regular schedules, usually not needing extra staff, now have to be staffed. So, why would an agency WANT to market over the holidays?

The holidays, in addition to being stressful, are also the perfect time to engage the family about care needs. Family comes to visit and notices that Mom or Dad may need some care, or that more care is needed so the family can feel some peace of mind when returning to home in a distant place. The key to turning a hectic time of the year into a golden opportunity to increase your business is to plan ahead.


Holiday Helpers: A Win-Win Program for Home Health, the Elderly, and College Students

The holiday season is a special time of year. It is an opportunity to gather with friends, family, and colleagues. Regardless of our faith or beliefs, the holiday season is often filled to the brim with an array of festivities that reflect precious memories. While most of us barely have time to catch our breath between parties and concerts, gift exchanges and joyful gatherings, for the elderly, the holidays are often a time to focus on what they have lost.


KHCC Holiday Traditions: A Kenyon Family Feast

In the Kenyon family, this is the time of year we gather in the kitchen to a cook delicious family feast.  Our Kenyon Family Leg of Lamb dates back to the early years of my marriage when my husband and I wanted to do something festive but couldn’t afford a fancy restaurant.  It is a recipe we have tweaked many times, and each year it is the centerpiece of our holiday table.  Grandma’s Garlic Mashers have also evolved over time.  They are such a big hit I now make enough for fifty people because everyone wants to take home leftovers.  Yes, it’s a lot of potatoes, but so worth the effort.  I invented Ginny’s Broccoli with Feta to entice my own children into eating vegetables.  This trick still works.  We have a dear friend who is now part of our ‘holiday’ family.  Her ten-year old daughter refused to eat vegetables until they came to Christmas dinner and she tried mine.  She is now fifteen and eats this festive dish all year round.  Our holiday table is truly a centerpiece of joy, laughter, and good food.  My husband and I are grateful we can share our blessings with family and friends.  It is an honor to share our traditions with you.


KHCC Holiday Traditions: Dolores Nagel’s Spritz Cookies

My Mom baked several different kinds of cookies for Christmas each year.  She generally started in September and froze them in 5-gallon plastic containers.  Fortunately for my siblings and I, the freezer was in the basement where our bedrooms were located.  This allowed us free access to sneak frozen cookies.  Our favorites were her Spritz Cookies.  After my folks passed away, I became the keeper of Mom’s Mirro Spritz Maker Cookie Press and the delicious recipe written in her own hand.  After a couple of challenging (and I must say, amusing) tries, I finally mastered the art of this elegant little tool.  Today, I carry on the baking tradition my Mom began and each year, I send Spritz Cookies to my older brother and three sisters.  Their children are now the ones fortunate enough to ‘sneak’ these delightful treasures and pop them in their mouths.  Each year, as I bake these cookies, I feel a special connection to my mother.  It is my pleasure to share her delicious recipe with you.


KHCC Holiday Traditions: Miriam’s Mandelbrot Biscotti

I have known Miriam since the day my parent’s brought me home from the hospital and we have been friends ever since.  Her house was across the street from ours and I grew up spending as much time in her home as she did in mine.  Her truly delicious Mandelbrot Biscotti brings together the delicate texture of Jewish Mandelbrot and the crunch of European Biscotti.  When the holidays came around, Miriam and her mother would start baking.  Soon the sweet smells of butter and sugar would waft through the neighborhood. When the flurry of activity in the kitchen finally calmed down, Miriam and I would sit on the back steps of her porch and munch these down with a big glass of milk.  In the evening, her mother would invite the entire neighborhood over and everyone would get their fill of these delightful treats.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.