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You Want To Start A Homecare Agency. Sounds Great! What Next?

start a homecare agencyHomecare is a complex industry. Those in it know it all too well. If you want to start a homecare agency, then do your homework first. In addition, having help to navigate the playing field can make your journey a whole lot easier.

What Kind Of “Homecare” Do You Want:

Homecare tends to be the cookie cutter term for providing care within the home.  However, there are multiple types of service lines. The type of service you want to provide determines your road map to start.

  • Private Duty/ Homecare Services: These services are generally considered non-skilled. These are private pay services as well as those covered by certain contracts. Your local Area on Aging as well as the VA will provide home and community based services that are more for custodial care or maintenance care. Payment for services is normally an hourly or per-unit rate
  • Skilled Home Health: These services are provided when a patient has recently been hospitalized or has had an exacerbation of illness. The patient requires the skill of professional services such as skilled nursing or physical/occupational therapy. A home health aide can provide personal care during this time, but skilled care is generally short-term. If your agency wants to bill Medicare for services, then you will need to become certified to do so. Payment for services is by episode of care or a per visit rate.
  • Hospice: If your mission is the terminally ill, then hospice may be the type of homecare you want to provide. Payment for services is an all-inclusive daily rate. This is different than other homecare services.

You Know What Kind, But Don’t Know What Next:

This is where it can be really beneficial to invest in consultant services. You may need state licensure. You may not. And, you also need to adhere to both state and federal regulations. When you jump into a whole new realm like homecare, having someone who has done it all before can make each step of the way a whole lot easier.  Consultants can get you through all your steps leading up to and through your survey and accreditation process. You need to hire and train staff, develop policy and procedures, admit and manage patient care. The thing is, you don’t need to start a homecare agency alone.

Let Us Help:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have senior consultants who can help you start a homecare agency successfully. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation.

Objective Eyes Looking at Your Home Care Agency Can Have 20/20 Vision For Where And How Change Can Occur

whyHome care owners and administrators are busy. There is no question there. If you aren’t dealing with regulations or chronic disease management, then it is personnel management. Sometimes, you know there are issues, but have been unable to fix them.  A senior home care consultant can give a fresh look at your agency with objective eyes.  

Forest For The Trees Argument: 

Even if you are the hardest working administrator in the business, sometimes, it is not about how hard you work. Working harder may just mean spinning your wheels longer. Organizational issues can be tough in multiple ways. Whether a staffing issue or a need to restructure, it may be difficult to see the forest for the trees.  If you have an outside set of eyes, then the home care consultant can help you put a plan for change in motion based on decades of experience in different agencies.  

Staffing Changes:  

You know your staff. You have been with them for years. Through the good and the bad in personal lives as well as work advancement. This is both good and bad when it comes to organizational changes. Home care consultants evaluate employee capability in current job roles. You may have a fantastic staff but have too many people in roles. It may require restructuring to increase efficiency. That can be a tough thing if you are accustomed to certain cogs in the wheel doing certain things.  

“I Don’t Know Why We Aren’t Making Money” 

This is the most frustrating thing for leaders. You made decisions to control costs, but don’t see the financial reward for it. So many things factor into what you make or don’t make. Turnover, regulation changes, payment reform, and patient census change. All these things affect your day-to-day financial well-being. Is Oasis being done correctly? Is coding being done correctly? How much time is staff spending hunting down orders from other providers? Are staff doing charting in a timely fashion? It can be overwhelming and quite frankly difficult to pinpoint a specific thing. 

Let Us Help Make You Successful: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can offer you an organizational assessment based on your needs. Whether you are looking at clinical, organization, financial or a combination of all operations,  Kenyon has the help you need. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free consultation.

Changing Your Approach: Why Having An Organizational Assessment May Improve The Way Your Home Health Agency Functions And Cause Less Gray Hair In The Process!

home care consultantDo you feel like your home health agency is in a rut? You know you need something to change, but aren’t exactly sure how to make that change fly? If this is what keeps you up at night, then maybe you need to consider a comprehensive organizational assessment from a senior home care consultant.  Here, we will take a look at how an organizational assessment can help you get from A to Z.

What Will The Home Care Consultant Analyze?:

Well, the senior consultant has worked in senior home care management for a long period of time.  The extent to which your agency is analyzed will certainly depend on what you want to get from the experience.

  • Clinical Review: Having the appropriate clinical documentation is key in the world of healthcare today.  But agencies cannot afford to have every note reviewed and check every intervention along the way. Catching trends and where your agency may not comply with Medicare or Accreditation regulations is key.  An objective clinical review can help guide you to clear compliance.
  • Policy / Procedures: A thorough review of policy and procedure manuals will get you up-to-date and rid of outdated policies. Many consulting agencies have updated manuals available if it has been a long time since yours has been evaluated.
  • Financial Review: Senior consultants often work in conjunction with each other to evaluate the clinical alongside the financial.  Looking at cost reporting, visits per episode per discipline, cost per visit, and compare these items to state and national averages.  This can give you comparison data. Knowing what you pull per episode in comparison to others can tell you a lot clinically.
  • Oasis/ Coding Review: With financial, the clinical consultant will review Oasis and coding to see if you are really getting what you should for the care you provide.  If finance determines a high rate of visits per episode in comparsion to average HHRG, clinical will break it down.  The home care consultant will determine if you are doing too many visits or your Oasis and coding do not reflect the complexity of patient care.
  • Marketing: It is important for marketing to be targeted and focused on partnerships today.  Does your marketing plan really do this effectively?

What If I Don’t Need A Complete Review Of All Operations?:

The way you want the home care consultant to spend time is completely up to you.  It may be a specific need only.  Maybe, you need help with accreditation or plan of correction associated with a review.  If you need help intiating process changes, then an outside source to navigate can make the process a lot easier for you.  Maybe you want someone to teach staff on Oasis and to do coding for your agency as a partnership.  If your marketing plan is not successful, then the consultant can help marketing improve efficacy.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Become Your Partner:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we work with agencies to improve the quality of care and bottom line in the process.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation.  Let us help!

Are you Ready For Your Home Health Survey? Here’s Why A Mock Survey From A Senior Consultant Can Save You Money And Headache In The Process Of Figuring Out The Answer!

regulatory complianceThe Conditions of Participation have been in full swing for a little while now.  However, those in the process of being surveyed with the new COPs are finding out it is tougher.  Let’s look at why is makes sense both financially and from a compliance standpoint to have a home care consultant mock survey your agency prior to the real thing.

Changes That Can Can Cause Problems:

As an industry, when something allows more flexibility on the part of the agency, it seems like a good thing.  However, this can be where mistakes are made.  Here are a couple of things that are misinterpreted and cause citations:

  • Supervision Of LPNs And Rehab Assistants: It is no longer listed in the COPs as required by a specific timeframe.  Agencies often misinterpret this as no longer being necessary.  The difference now is just that the agency determines the frequency.  If you don’t have it listed in policy as to how often and how you complete the supervision process, then you are out of compliance.  There still needs to be a standard to your supervision and it has to make sense.
  • “Record Review”: Agencies may have jumped up and down at the idea that a formal “record review” process quarterly was no longer required.  If you don’t review the records, how do you know if you meet standards of practice? If you don’t look at medication reviews, intervention completion, or visit frequency, then how do you show compliance? There still needs to be a format in your QI that shows you have ensured the quality of the care is being met and measurement is relevant to your agency.  Again, the timing of how often you review for compliance is what has changed here.
  • No More Margin Of Error: In the past, an agency was allowed a margin of error. Now, one chart missing an order or one aide supervision missing can cause the citation.  This is huge for potential of multiple site visits.

How Does A Mock Survey Save You Money?:

Ultimately, whether or not you are looking at state survey or accreditation, a mock survey goes a long way in getting your compliance into shape prior to survey.  A senior home care consultant will approach your agency like the surveyor would.  Giving you detailed information as to where and where you don’t meet the regulations.  These items can be corrected prior to survey and allow the actual survey to become less stressful.  It is not new that less citations mean decreased risk for re-survey. Additional surveys mean additional plans of correction and more time of office and clinical staff to complete the certification process. This is expensive for an agency.

Let Us Help You Get Ready For Survey:

Whether you need help with a new accreditation or need someone to make sure you are compliant ahead of survey, Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help! With a home care consultant who has experience with CHAP, JCO, and ACHC, we can help make the process smoother and get you survey ready.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to set up your free consultation.

Extra! Extra! Read All About it! Why A Home Care Consultant May Be Exactly What Kind Of A Friend You Need In Business.

Home care consultantHealthcare is in an age of collaboration and transparency between providers. However, it is also very competitive.  So, there is often a tug-of-war between fighting for referrals and working well together.  Let’s take a look at a few ways a home care consultant can be the guidance you need to increase referrals and still work well with partners.  A senior home care consultant has years of experience and works with agencies all over the country.  This means perspective outside of just your own geographic territory.

Struggling With Referrals?:

This is a tough thing sometimes.  As part of the industry, you are accustomed to the ebb and flow of referrals.  But, reality is you may often spin your wheels to get the referrals you need to stay afloat.  A home care consultant can help with creative marketing to increase your referrals.  If you are trying to get the referrals the same way every other agency is, then how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? Maybe you aren’t.  A home care consultant can help set up a strategic marketing plan for your agency.

Episode Management:

As administrators, it may seem difficult sometimes to bridge the financial with the clinical.  Medicare margins should allow your agency to function in the black, but this is often not the case. All clinical disciplines need to work in conjunction to not make unnecessary visits. Although this is not a new concept, it is something agencies struggle to do.  Working with a home care consultant can help you bridge that gap and create appropriate visit structures based upon clinical data.

Staffing Management:

Staffing and personnel is a very time-consuming effort for administration in home care.  It is crucial to have enough staff to manage patient care and day-to-day operations, but it is a fine line between not enough and too much.  Home care consultants work with so many agencies to develop efficiency standards appropriate to the patient case mix. Sometimes, the outside source providing the information after reviewing clinical data can help to justify the adjustments to staffing you need.  A senior home care consultant can also be crucial in times where an interim manager is needed.

Strategic Partnerships:

In this world of ACOs , strategic partnerships are so important for long-term viability.  A senior home care consultant can help develop partnerships and help you through becoming the partner everyone wants. Again, with the experience with agencies from all different locations, the perspective is different from just working with one organization.

Helping You For The Long Term:

Kenyon Homecare Consulting has been in the homecare industry for decades.  The goal of the organization is to help you through your immediate need and be present for the future. We have only given a few examples of ways a home care consultant can help you, but Kenyon is comprehensive and able to help with any aspect in the home care spectrum.  Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation today.

Lay Everything On The Table To Your Home Care Consultant. Making The Experience A Partnership Will Allow You To Maximize The Potential From The Experience!

PartnershipReality is, often it’s tough talking about where your agency needs help.  You spend so much time and effort into making it succeed.  When something isn’t running smoothly, it is hard not to take it personally.  But, don’t do that to yourself.  Let’s look at how to talk with a home care consultant to get things back on track.

What Does Putting Everything On The Table Really Mean?

Home Care is a very competitive industry.  Everyone is looking for more of the market share.  It isn’t surprising that sharing a struggle is hard.  However, when you make the commitment to hire a home care consultant, you need to communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly.  If you don’t, you won’t get the outcomes you want from it.

1. Talk Finance:

Many times, financial issues are the reason a home care consultant is called.  Let’s face it, if everything is in the black, it is easier to brush a problem to the side.  But, when it hits you financially, it become more difficult to do so.  You should expect the consultant will want financial data to compare for at least the current and previous year or more.  The historical view of financial data allows the consultant to see changes over time and help to change what no longer is working.  Maybe you didn’t need the home care consultant because of financial issues.  If it was some other reason, often the financial data will show when you started to hit a wall, regardless of the reason.

2. Clinical Issues:

Nurses and other clinicians are no different from everyone else.  Change is not fun for them either.  However, sometimes that change is not an option.  Whether it is because of regulations or internal operations, changes don’t happen overnight.  You can have the most loyal and dedicated long-term staff, but realize these individuals are sometimes the most difficult to change.  If staff has been doing something a certain way for 10 years, it is much harder to make the change than someone who is new and still learning the process.  A Home Care Consultant needs to know from you what challenges you face with staff in order to approach a solution effectively.  It isn’t about employee bashing, it is about finding the best way to reach the end goal.

3. Turnover:

As an industry, home care is fighting to recruit and retain staff effectively.  You may be working with a turnover rate you have never dealt with before today.  Consequently, increases in turnover become expensive to the agency.  Maybe you are spending more time in recruitment and training than ever in the past.  Be open about the things you see in your area and at your agency.  A Home Care Consultant has seen many ways agencies have tweaked benefits or training in order to be more effective.  A common finding in this industry is that employees tend to leave because of a supervisor or orientation/training.  Therefore, administrators need to have eyes wide open about what is and isn’t working in regards to both.

Sometimes, you promote the most skilled nurses into management.  This is not always the smooth transition we hope it to be.  Speaking frankly to the home care consultant about management allows there to be a logical insertion of information that can help those nurses struggling in a new role.  Any change in management is tough, but the nurse needs the proper tools and guidance to be successful in the position.  Don’t lose line staff because a manager is not equipped to do the job properly.  A home care consultant can work directly with a new manager in transition.  The cost of the consultant is a small price to pay in comparison to loss of even one staff member.

Home care has so many programs and moving parts.  Nurses who do not have experience in this field feel will feel overwhelmed and “thrown to the wolves”.  It is important to look at your orientation program.  Is it complete?  Do you cover the bases that are truly needed for the clinical staff to case manage chronic disease?  Or, you may have the opposite.  Your program may be too much and the program itself is overwhelming.  There is often a fine line as to what is enough and what is too much.  Talk through your process with the consultant.  Streamlining your program may make the difference.

4. Software:

Software is tough.  There are definitely certain software programs that work best with certain agency types and work flows.  If you need to change work flow or you want a different software program, a home care consultant can help.  Every agency would like to improve efficiency in the documentation process, but be open to operational change to optimize the functionality of the software.  Talk about the day-to-day flow from the intake process, to admission, coding, and billing.  Certain home care consultants specialize in software changes and implementation.

We Can Help You!:

Kenyon Homecare Consulting has a comprehensive program that can assist with all aspects of your home care agency.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation with a home care consultant.  Let us help make life easier in this industry.

Why Does Change In An Agency Sometimes Seem Like Darth Vader Versus Luke Skywalker? How A Home Care Consultant Can Help You Win The Battle Of Change In Your Agency

Home Care ConsultantYou have done it many times, right?  You pull a staff meeting to try to change something in your agency.  Maybe it is because of regulation or finance, but either way, it seems painful.  Consider why a home care consultant can help look at your agency and help provide a true mechanism for change.

4 Ways A Home Care Consultant Can Truly Facilitate Change:

So, you wonder how this can really be true, right?  You know your agency better than anyone else, right?  Sometimes, that is exactly why you should consider these 4 reasons a home care consultant can help make changes without you losing any hair in the process.

1. Regulatory Compliance:

Regulations are tough. Your interpretation may seem as though there is only one way to compliance.  However, this isn’t the case most of the time.  There are so many agencies that a home care consultant has been to and so many regulatory changes they have implemented.  Years of experience and seeing so many different ways agencies have made it work is huge.  The home care consultant can provide you with so many tools to help change your processes and make it easier doing so.

2. Education:

You may be a large agency with a robust education program in place.  Ultimately, most agencies do not have that kind of educational support on staff.  However, a home care consultant can help mentor staff through clinical and operational changes.  With that being a specific focus for the consultant, administration can continue with normal daily operations.  If you need a consultant to mentor new administration, daily operations will continue with the help of that experienced person.

3. Personnel Management:

Staff turnover is costly and time-consuming.  Sometimes, taking a took at your staffing issues with an outside source can help solve them.  Implementing organizational change to improve turnover is not easy and can be difficult to understand the underlying cause.  The home care consultant can help decipher staffing issues and work on hiring new staff geared to your organizational needs.

4.  Addressing Non-Compliance:

Let’s face it, no one likes to be the bad guy.  You don’t want to be the one constantly having to bring up what needs to change.  An administrator often feels like the bad guy in the scenario. It can often be difficult for you as an administrator to keep yourself motivated and positive if you feel like a hamster running around the same wheel.  The home care consultant comes in with a fresh perspective and objective analysis of your agency operations.  Staff can be addressed by the neutral party which is the consultant.   This eliminates the good guy bad guy vibe that can often exist between administration and staff.

What Is Your Next Step?:

Ok, so maybe this is something you want to consider now.  The cost of hiring a short-term home care consultant is more cost-effective than the alternative of continuing the same path with no change.  Call Kenyon Homecare Consulting today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can make change happen for you!

Listen, Friend….The Best Way To Pick A Home Care Consultant Is By Trusting Your Gut!

home care consultantYou know that feeling.  Is it when the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck.  You feel oddly uncomfortable and don’t know why.  These are things you should never feel when choosing a home care consultant.

All Home Care Consultants Are Not Created Equal:

If you search online for a home care consultant, you will see many different companies come up and you may have no idea which is best.  Let’s break down 6 things to consider when deciding who will be your home care consultant.

1.  Length And Type Of Experience:

Having years of experience is great, but if that doesn’t come with expertise specific to your need for the home care consultant you gain nothing.  You must consider these items together.  You are making the investment in a consultant, so make sure the experience is the amount and type you need.  Home care comes with different regulatory complexities dependent upon the service being provided.  Although certain items ring true of home care collectively, anyone working with all different types knows they have different sets of rules.

2. Brand New Or Adding New Service Lines:

Do you want to expand to hospice or add branches?  Maybe you have been approached about an acquisition and aren’t sure where to start.  If you need someone familiar with mergers and acquisitions, make sure you get the right person for the job.  No different from employees that have different expertise, consultants often have niche’ they consider a specialty.

3. Struggling With Day To Day Operations:

Between regulations, clinical, outcomes, finance and personnel, sometimes the daily grind can be really heavy.  Maybe you are stuck in a rut.  Things need to change and home care is never static.  A home care consultant that has a long history and has helped to evolve agencies with the changes that come along with the industry is exactly what you need to have.  Sometimes, you could have fired on all cylinders and been off the chains successful for a decade, and now, you can’t see how to get past just surviving.  A fresh set of eyes to show the way from someone experienced in these struggles can make things a whole lot easier and consequently cheaper for you in the long run.

4. Employee Training And Retention:

The saying “you can’t teach and old dog new tricks” is not applicable in home care.  Administrators must thing of new ways to engage employees and make training fun.  This can be much easier said than done.  Sometimes, the person that provides the training can make a huge difference in the level of engagement.  Home care consultants can thrive in group teaching environments as well as the one on one job couching for new administrators.  Knowing the difference between the strengths and weaknesses of your training regimens will tell you which type of home care consultant you need to consider. Human Resources knows that the most common reason someone leaves a lob is related to a boss and to training.  So, these two areas are so important both fiscally and so you have the best patient care.  Investing the money in keeping training fresh and employees on board is a small price to pay if your turnover rate decreases.

5. Software Decisions:

Ask a home care consultant and you will hear you are not the only one out there with software complaints.  Often times, a fantastic software to the clinicians is mediocre if you ask finance how it works on the billing end.  So, what is the happy medium? The happy medium is a home care consultant who specializes in software choice and implementation for agencies.  So many times, agencies will remark that the software company said it could do everything we asked.  If you try to rework the software into your own work flow, it will not function on an optimal level. This means, you must be open to operational changes or find the software that best functions according to your work flow. It is impossible to understand which software will be the best after a couple of hours of a presentation.  The home care consultant has better knowledge of how each software best functions and can analyze you operations to help you choose what makes sense.  On top of it, proper implementation is also key and this can be facilitated by the home care consultant.  Making the wrong choice is so costly in this arena.

6.  Agency Versus Non-Agency Affiliation:

Now, here’s the thing.  Both of these things can be a positive depending on your individual needs.  Sometimes, referrals from the industry can lead you to a fantastic home care consultant that focuses on exactly what you need.  In contrast, you may need multiple things and the agency approach would work the best.  The bottom line is doing an analysis of your costs to do it alone versus getting help may be shocking to you.  You have heard the saying that you can’t be all things to all people.  Well, the consulting agency allows the client get help with everything versus the specifics of a one person shop.  Again, figure out what it is your agency needs.  If you aren’t sure, consider an organizational assessment from a consulting agency that takes a holistic approach to your agency.  After looking at everything from clinical to financial, there will be recommendations on how best to proceed.

One Call Does It All:

We can help your agency where you need help.  Call Kenyon Homecare Consulting at 206-721-5091 or contact us online today for your free 30 minute consultation.  We can help!

No More Pulling Out Your Hair! A Home Care Consultant Can Help You With The Software Issues That Make You Crazy

software implementationYou are a diligent home care owner.  You went to the sales pitches and weighed the pros and cons.  Now, you feel stuck.  You have either chosen a EMR system and implementation isn’t going well, or you don’t know if you made the right choice.  Maybe, you just want help to make that choice.  Using a good home care consultant who specializes in software can make a huge difference.

3 Ways A Home Care Consultant Can Make Choosing EMR A Much Easier One

The bottom line is when you attend a sales presentation from an EMR company, you always hear the wonderful things it can do.  You never seem to hear that it won’t work in certain scenarios or you can’t really customize the way you want.  Let’s figure out how a home care consultant can help.

1. Choosing The Software That Works For You:

A good home care consultant is well versed in different EMR software.  A home care consultant can look at your internal operations and help you choose software that allows you to continue to keep the same work flow.  Or, you may need to make changes in your flow.  A home care consultant can help you choose software that can optimize work flow.

2. Making Set Up Easier:

Anyone that has been through the set up and implementation process knows it is not easy.  It takes a lot of time and staff effort to program in everything correctly.  Since you don’t get a “do over” if you realize you made a mistake in set up, having a home care consultant keeps you from that costly error.  It will also help free up staff to continue with daily operations.

3. A Key Player In Implementation:

Education of staff is so important when it comes to new software.  Teaching clinicians how to accurately document in the new system is key.  It is key for proper patient care and for regulatory compliance.  The consultant can also help on the back-end with billing and finance to make that transition smooth between clinical and financial.  The alternative is key staff coming up with a teaching in-service.  This takes more time out of their busy schedules.  This is not the most cost-effective way to disseminate the education to staff.  So many times, staff has to tweak and change as they get more experience with the software.  The home care consultant already has the experience with the software, so the changes are minimal or unnecessary.

Don’t Do It Alone:

We have the software experts to help make this process easier.  They have years of experience with software implementation with different systems.  Picking the wrong one is too costly.  So, do what you can to make it easier and correct. At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can help you make this big transition. Contact us online or call 206-721-5091 for your free 30 minute consultation.

Keeping Your Eye On The Ball: Succeed With A Home Care Consultant

Winning with a home care consultantWhether you are a fan of tennis, football, baseball or soccer, keeping your eye on the ball is key.  A home care consultant is in your corner to help you do that. Sometimes, the key to winning the game is to have right coach by your side.

Get Back To Basics

This world of home health is moving so fast.  Changes constantly happen and you can feel like a fish out of water.  When you own or run a smaller agency, it is very common for administration to wear so many different hats.  Things can easily slip through the cracks.  The saying that you can’t be all things to all people could not be more true than in home health.  Let’s look at a few ways a home care consultant can help to keep your eye on the ball and the trophy in your hands.

1. Education:

Making sure staff is educated towards regulations, goals, and documentation is hard.  There is staff turnover and different levels of learning.  You have staff that are big picture people and those that don’t see what does not affect the day-to-day for them.  How do you reach everyone and keep the focus where it needs to be?  Being a positive change agent and teaching tool is a huge part of what a home care consultant can do.

You may need help implementing regulatory changes.  A good home care consultant has worked with many agencies to implement changes and make sure that you are survey ready.  Whether there are big changes like the COPs and Emergency Preparedness or small changes that are specific to your agency, a consultant can make the job a whole lot easier.

2. Financial Issues:

An experienced home care consultant knows how to thrive in the environment of decreasing margins.  Drilling down to specifics in financial data and where your agency varies from others is important.  Working directly with your agency on costs per visit/ episodes and overhead can make a difference from being in the black versus struggling in the red.  Sometimes, you have tried many things to change costs and it has not been successful.  A good home care consultant is a true agency for change and can help you come up with the solution for your struggle.  Mother Teresa was once quoted as having said, “No margin, no mission”.  This is so true in this world of home health.

3. Documentation/ Clinical:

Documentation is always an ongoing struggle.  There is a fine line between documenting enough and documenting too much.  We try to make sure our clinical records have everything needed to paint a picture of what is going on with the patient.  However, making sure there is not double documentation or parts in the record that conflict with one another is difficult.  Nurses become nurses to take care of people.  No administrator ever says nurses love to be in home health because they get to document so much.  Streamlining clinical data whether it is an EMR or a paper record is important for patient care and compliance.  Working with nursing, therapy, and paraprofessional staff to reach common documentation goals is all part of what a good home care consultant does.

Pulling It All Together:

We have just talked about a few ways a home care consultant can work to improve your agency operations, but there are many more.  If you are interested in home care consulting contact Kenyon HomeCare Consulting either online or call 206-721-5091 today for your free 30 minute consultation.