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Changing Your Approach: Why Having An Organizational Assessment May Improve The Way Your Home Health Agency Functions And Cause Less Gray Hair In The Process!

home care consultantDo you feel like your home health agency is in a rut? You know you need something to change, but aren’t exactly sure how to make that change fly? If this is what keeps you up at night, then maybe you need to consider a comprehensive organizational assessment from a senior home care consultant.  Here, we will take a look at how an organizational assessment can help you get from A to Z.

What Will The Home Care Consultant Analyze?:

Well, the senior consultant has worked in senior home care management for a long period of time.  The extent to which your agency is analyzed will certainly depend on what you want to get from the experience.

  • Clinical Review: Having the appropriate clinical documentation is key in the world of healthcare today.  But agencies cannot afford to have every note reviewed and check every intervention along the way. Catching trends and where your agency may not comply with Medicare or Accreditation regulations is key.  An objective clinical review can help guide you to clear compliance.
  • Policy / Procedures: A thorough review of policy and procedure manuals will get you up-to-date and rid of outdated policies. Many consulting agencies have updated manuals available if it has been a long time since yours has been evaluated.
  • Financial Review: Senior consultants often work in conjunction with each other to evaluate the clinical alongside the financial.  Looking at cost reporting, visits per episode per discipline, cost per visit, and compare these items to state and national averages.  This can give you comparison data. Knowing what you pull per episode in comparison to others can tell you a lot clinically.
  • Oasis/ Coding Review: With financial, the clinical consultant will review Oasis and coding to see if you are really getting what you should for the care you provide.  If finance determines a high rate of visits per episode in comparsion to average HHRG, clinical will break it down.  The home care consultant will determine if you are doing too many visits or your Oasis and coding do not reflect the complexity of patient care.
  • Marketing: It is important for marketing to be targeted and focused on partnerships today.  Does your marketing plan really do this effectively?

What If I Don’t Need A Complete Review Of All Operations?:

The way you want the home care consultant to spend time is completely up to you.  It may be a specific need only.  Maybe, you need help with accreditation or plan of correction associated with a review.  If you need help intiating process changes, then an outside source to navigate can make the process a lot easier for you.  Maybe you want someone to teach staff on Oasis and to do coding for your agency as a partnership.  If your marketing plan is not successful, then the consultant can help marketing improve efficacy.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Become Your Partner:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we work with agencies to improve the quality of care and bottom line in the process.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation.  Let us help!

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