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Conquering Paralysis

Conquering Paralysis

This is an amazing time to live.  There are so many breakthroughs in in health care and in the world, that will impact our health care businesses.  Over the next few weeks I am going to present some of the major breakthroughs, technological and biological, that I am reading about and provide all of you with the links, so you can see for yourselves and begin to prepare your agencies for the impacts these innovations and breakthroughs will cause.

The first one is out of MIT Technology review. “In recent years, lab animals and a few people have controlled computer cursors or robotic arms with their thoughts, thanks to a brain implant wired to machines. Now researchers are taking a significant next step toward reversing paralysis once and for all. They are wirelessly connecting the brain-reading technology directly to electrical stimulators on the body, creating what Courtine calls a “neural bypass” so that people’s thoughts can again move their limbs.

While refinement and the ability to move this innovation from research status to generalized use is estimated to be 10 to 15 years, this new approach may make paralysis a curse of the past.

When this becomes a mode of treatment, what impact could this have on your agency’s business and what possible services would you be able to offer? What kind of training would the staff need to care for someone who has had neuro implants?  Click here to read the full article

Antonio Regalado MIT Technology Review

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