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Continuing Education: What’s Your Gameplan? Are You Looking To Blow The Competition Away? Start With Nurses And Make Them The Quarterbacks..

teamThe concept of a great team begins with great leadership. This is the way we think of our businesses. Yes? Take it one step further now. In homecare, the leadership of your care team begins with nursing. This should be your approach for continuing education as well. Let’s look at why promoting the leadership in education to nurses converts to the care team that wins. 

How Do Your Nurses See Themselves In The Clinical Picture? 

Do your RNs really manage your care plans? Do they see themselves as management of care planning or just the ones creating the plan? There is a big difference. Challenge your agency to review care plans at the beginning of the cert and at the time of DC. How many things changed? Managing the care plans should show an evolution throughout as the patient situation changes. Is the start of care the same as 3 weeks later? As we move into the world of PDGM,the first 30 days in care planning is more important than ever. 

Changing The Mindset: 

Before you approach clinical education attached to a new payment system, approach your nursing staff. True chronic disease care and clinical success won’t happen without care management. Not in the same sense of the last several years, but a progressive move to give nurses the ability to coordinate and manage care in the sense it is intended. Get them on board with the vision of a successful care management model. This is back to bedside nursing at its finest. 

Continuing Education Moving Forward: 

Consider the last paragraph. You have worked to set the minds of the nursing staff. They are your quarterbacks. They are on board. Now, how do you educated all clinical staff moving forward? Your agency needs to choose chronic disease education that encompasses all clinical staff. You need agency specific and discipline specific. This will guide your agency to continuing education that makes sense in a care management model. It is the step towards a medical home model still missing. If you don’t see your agency as a prime mover in the patient care world, then home health won’t make it there. This model includes hands-on care and frontloading like you own the position of prime mover. The continuing education must be something that promotes a care team and forgets the care plans that don’t work! 

We Can Help Get You There:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have the chronic disease education for individuals and agencies. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online today. Let’s talk about how online and additional support for your agency from Kenyon can prep you for success today and tomorrow! 


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