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Customizing Your Puchased Policy And Procedure Manual Is Very Important. Make It Specific For Employees And Very Specific For Surveyors!

policy and procedureMany of you out there purchased an updated policy and procedure manual. That’s great. You saved time and cost. Now, the next important step is completing the manual edits specific to your agency. This will help you with employees and with survey! 

Get Survey Ready: 

When a company has a manual policy and procedure manual online for purchase, it has the regulations there to make you compliant. If you don’t add or subtract what it specific to your agency, then you will be cited. Read your new manual and see where you need to tweak a policy to make it specific to you. For example, infection control is so huge with all surveys. Maybe you have policy that differs to what is in your new manual. Change what is necessary or alter your clinical operations. If you follow a specific bag technique that adds steps from what is in the new manual, then make sure to add it. Your new manual will have ALL federal and/or accrediation regulations in it, but those policies cannot be so specific as to match every agency in the United States. Individual rules related to states will need added.

Employee Guidelines: 

This is such an important feature for the people you employ. As an administrator, you do not want policy so rigid that it leaves no room for flexibility. However, ambiguity in policy can cost you a lot as well. When considering employee labor, unclear policies will always favor the employee. In these cases, it doesn’t matter what the intent of the policy was. It will be what the employee thought it meant. Clinically speaking, there will be issues if employees follow a vague policy in the field. This can lead to errors and survey deficiencies.  The big picture is, do not take your policy and procedure manual and just place it in a binder on a shelf. This will not help your operations. It will not make things clear for employees.

Need Help With A New Manual? 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have manuals for all types of service lines in home care. These can be easily edited online to fit your state and agency-specific needs. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online if you need help.  

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