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Do You Need To Continue Your Current Chronic Disease Education Or Look At Something Different? Let’s Take A Look Through Objective Eyes.

Chronic disease educationIf you are an agency that values education but aren’t seeing the results from it, then you need to read this. Importance of chronic disease education continues to be huge. Let’s look at why you may struggle even when you invest in education. 

Take A Different Approach To Online Education: 

Often, an agency pays a one-time fee to a live webinar or webinar playback. This allows you one-time access. For many agencies, to purchase a copy is too costly.  If this is the case, then ALL staff must be out of the field to participate. This is difficult. In the age of technology, why restrict your agency to hearing something once? 

As administration, look at programs that allow you bundles of log on options. This will allow flexibility of clinical staff to see patients and still complete additional education. Bundles allow multiple views and agencies to use chronic disease education during orientation. 

Chronic Disease Education Isn’t Just For Nurses: 

Skilled home health chronic disease education has always been nurse driven. It made sense in the beginning since nurses case manage and usually opened and closed the cases. Now, focusing chronic disease education efforts just for nurses hinders overall disease management. How? Well, you potentially leave out every other clinical discipline involved in these cases. There is no reason therapists and home health aides should not be laser-focused on chronic disease too.  It is all about managing the patient with each resource placed in the home. 

Make Sure You Change Agency Mindset First: 

Help skilled clinicians utilize other disciplines for everything within scope of practice. Nurses tend to do it all themselves. Why should this be the case when other disciplines are in the home? Nurses cannot be everything to every patient all the time and shouldn’t be. Change the paradigm in your agency and your education can be more effective than ever. Then, pull your home care aides for education first. This discipline is physically with the patient the most, but greatly under-utilized in helping manage chronic disease. 

We Can Help:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have comprehensive online chronic disease education for your agency and home care aides. This is a great step of integrating all skilled disciplines to manage chronic disease.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to let us talk with you about taking the next step towards improving your program and patient outcomes!

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