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Do You Think Talking About Policy And Procedure Manuals Is Boring? If Yours Makes You Yawn, It Is Time To Get A New One!

regulatory complianceYou are tired of thinking about policy and procedure manuals.  You have staffing, personnel, and patient issues to handle. If you think about it, then well-constructed manuals can help with all of it. Make sure your manual is a help instead of a hindrance. Whether addressing personnel issues or patient policy, an updated manual is necessary for a cohesive flow that addresses issues effectively and consistently. 

Accreditation, Skilled, Or Non-Skilled: 

Regardless your lines of business, well-written policy and procedure manuals are important to make sure you comply with federal and state regulations. When is the last time you reviewed your manual from a compliance standpoint? Are you plugged in to resources that keep you up-to-date? If you haven’t updated, then consider a manual you can purchase online and edit.  It becomes difficult to start over working to edit something that no longer fits your agency. 

Why Purchase Instead Of Editing What You Have: 

The reality is, many agencies have outdated policy and procedure manuals and tend to shoot from the hip. This misses the point of a manual. It can also cost you at survey. A well-written manual guides the agency in decision making. Personnel, patient and personnel issues should be clear. In consulting, you often see policies that have not been updated for a decade. Just as regulations change, so does your agency. Your manuals should be clear enough that any interim administrator could follow it. It should also be easy for employees to utilize and understand agency procedure. 

Kenyon Homecare Consulting: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have online manuals that are easy to purchase, download, and edit specific to your agency.  We have all service lines and those that meet requirements for accrediting bodies. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to discuss how our manuals can be the jumpstart to a functional business and operational guide. 


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