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Do Your Homework Before You Begin Your Home Care Start-Up

Those who dream of a home care start-up see happy patients, employees, and bottom lines.  However, rarely does everything go so smoothly as what we imagine.  That dream never has to worry about referrals or regulations or complaints.  Doing your homework allows so many of those dreams to be a reality.  Here we will look into some things that are very important moving forward in this industry.

Check This Out Before You Get Started

1. Check Out Your Service Area/ Create Your Business Plan

So often, people open doors without checking out what the community really needs.  Maybe there is plenty of market saturation in home health services, but the community really needs hospice.  There is a greater chance of success and market share looking into the latter.  Make sure the demographic is something you can realistically service.  Make sure your business plan is appropriate and meets the goals of your home care start-up.

2. Have Adequate Resources

The bottom line is a home care start-up will not turn a profit for the first year.  Make sure you have enough funding in place to cover your costs to start.  New business owners can be out of business quickly without having money to cover payroll and overhead costs.

3. Know Your Marketing Plan Ahead of Time

Depending on your location, it can be tough to crack the market in a new territory.  Know how you want to approach referral sources.  Do you want to market the niche’ you provide that is different from others in the area?  Do you want to look at non-traditional referral sources as this may be an untapped resource in your area.

4. Get Resources/ Documents ahead of time

This is the time when you develop internal forms such as application forms, interview questions, and always consider getting a policy and procedure manual that meets regulatory requirements that you only have to tweak to the specifics of your agency. Resources you can customize are a lot easier than reinventing the wheel yourself.  It will take a lot of headache and stress right away.

How A Start Up Expert Can Help You Through

  • Make Sure Your Employees Are Prepared:  It makes sense to look for staff that has experience in home care when you are starting up.  You need employees that understand the basis of the business and your mission. We certainly know patients need help other than Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.  You need employees that get that and are willing to put in the time to care for people and understand the environments home care employees encounter.  Getting employees on board and oriented properly can make all the difference in a smooth start.  Utilize your expert to help you through hiring and orientation processes for the organization.
  • Develop And Implement Processes To Follow:  Even good employees with good intentions can fail without proper policies and procedure in place to guide practice.  Your expert can help work through processes with you to ensure the path is clear for anyone that needs guidance.  A good individualized policy and procedure manual is so helpful for operational flow.  A bad outdated manual leaves employees making decisions and process measure on their own when it may not be appropriate.  This will also allow you to determine appropriate efficiencies and expectations for employees and enforce them with policies in place.
  • Preparation For Survey: A good Start Up Expert can help with mock survey procedures and prep you for what to expect.  This is so vital to make sure you meet the clinical in home requirements as well as those related to administrative regulation.  When we consider implementation of emergency preparedness and the COPs, it is a lot to take on as a new home care start-up without help.  The expert helps guide you through the regulatory burden and interpretive guidelines that help you best implement new policy.
  • Ongoing Resource: The experts serve agencies all over the country.  They see so many different ways agencies function.  This allows a perspective that isn’t narrow and only indicative of one agency.  There are definitely more than one way to make certain things happen when it comes to regulatory compliance.  Let the expert help you decide what will work then best in your process

Join A National Association

A good start-up consultant will always want to see you involved with state and national associations.  These associations work to lobby for the patients we serve and the agencies we are.  Education is a key component to national associations.  You receive what changes in regulations are coming or potentially being changed.  It is money well spent considering the resources and information you receive.

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