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Does Your ICD 10 Coding Need A Check Up? Why A Scheduled Side-By-Side Comparison By An Outside Source Can Tell You So Much!

back upToday, if you know how important a back-up plan for ICD 10 coding in your home health agency is, then you also know how important it is to consider the right one for your agency. Let’s look at some simple factors and why you need to pick the outsourced company that best works with your home care.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Back-Up Or Full Coding Provider:

There are reasons why all home care companies are not created alike and the same rings true for coding solutions.  Here we take a look at the important things to consider in ICD 10 coding outsourcing:

  • Education: Consider the requirements you have for your own coders.  Make sure you look at companies employing only certified coders.  How do the coders keep themselves educated on changes?  These are questions your provider needs to answer before you sign on board.
  • Oasis Training: Oasis training is not only a necessity, but consider whether or not your coders are certified in Oasis.  Are they certified to instruct in Oasis?  This type of credibility in knowledge of the Oasis tool is important.  It not only justifies the knowledge base of the coder, but the ability to communicate with the clinical staff who complete the Oasis in the home.
  • Experience: You know that home care is in a whole different world than other types of healthcare.  If you want someone to be your back-up coder or outsourced solution, then you need someone who knows how to code specifically for home care.
  • Format/Information Provided: Reality is, not all ICD 10 coding formats give an agency the information they really want and need to make the staff better.  Your coding solution should make your clinicians better at filling out Oasis properly.  The report you receive from ICD 10 coding should provide teachable information for clinical staff.  You should see changes in error rate decline over time.  If you don’t, then you need to figure out why.
  • Ability To Teach Clinical Staff: You may not be a clinical administrator and need an objective teacher for your clinical staff.  Those coding solutions that have certified Oasis instructors can be invaluable to your ongoing educational needs.  These coders can provide one-on-one, class based, or online learning solutions to advance your clinical staff.  If you are a new start-up, then you may want to have those certified coders go on-site with clinical staff as admissions are completed.  This allows education to be patient based and not just in the classroom.

Let Us Help Be Help Your ICD 10 Coding Program As The Solution Or Back-Up:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can complete any or all your coding needs.  Our coders are certified and we have Oasis Certified Instructors.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online to receive your free 30 minute consultation with a senior associate.

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