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Does Your Oasis Assessment Paint The Picture Of Patient Care Needs? Or, Is It An Abstract Piece Of Art No One Understands? Time To Make A Change!

QuestionsFrom the inception of Oasis, it was presented as an assessment tool. If this was its purpose, then why did it evolve to data collection with no clinical implication? The Oasis assessment tool expanded documentation requirements in a huge way. It was long and cumbersome and “took away from patient care” in the minds of clinicians. The industry must move forward with an Oasis that drives the care plan. It can’t be a data collection tool. If it is not integral to clinical function, then you aren’t using it at all. 

Arguments To Use Of The Oasis Assessment: 

Now, you’ve had these meetings in your agency. You hear the tool is used, but don’t see documentation to match it. If you are a clinical administrator, then you can verify. If you aren’t, then we will discuss steps to educate yourself to be more effective addressing clinical items. Here are 4 things you have probably heard from your clinicians: 

  • “We Use It”: In your review of records, there are clearly items of relevant concern in the Oasis that are not addressed in the care plan. 
  • “We Know What The Care Plan Needs Based On Diagnosis”: Since we live in the world of the EMR, canned interventions often leave out patient specificity. And, interventions are often body system-specific and not diagnosis- specific. 
  • “Therapy Does Their Own Care Plan And Doesn’t Pay Attention To Oasis”:  A well-developed care plan executed properly makes everything better including the patient. If therapy isn’t part of the care planning process, then operational change is necessary or PDGM therapy visits will sink any profit margin. 
  • “We Can’t Tell The Aides To Do That”: In a PDGM world, you can’t utilize aides just for baths. Agencies must expand the role of the home health into within the scope of practice. Many agencies still refer to the home health aide as a “bath aide”. This minimizes the resource that usually spends more time with the patient than any other discipline. 

I’m Not A Clinical Administrator: 

Educate yourself. Don’t underestimate the value of a medical terminology course. You will make life much easier if you understand what clinicians are saying. We are not suggesting you need a Bachelor’s level anatomy and physiology course. As in any industry, not knowing the lingo will affect your ability to make decisions. Work with your clinical people to understand operations. 

Moving Forward: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we work with agencies struggling to mesh the clinical process and produce positive meaningful patient outcomes. The Oasis assessment is key here. We have programs to teach and review Oasis/ ICD-10 Coding and make sure care plans match the clinical process moving forth from admission to discharge. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you bridge the gap and make your Oasis assessment useful! 


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