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Don’t Initiate Your Home Health Agency Start-up Without These Partners!

Starting any business is an exciting event!  There are many decisions to make regarding location, hiring employees and obtaining needed equipment or inventory for your new organization. If you are developing a home health agency start-up, you have additional concerns such as obtaining certification and required licenses, complying with state and federal regulations, and ensuring all staff is properly trained.

There are several experienced partners knowledgeable about the industry available to help your start-up get off the ground. These professionals come from a wide range of sectors and each offers their own unique expertise to help you accomplish a successful launch and grow your start-up into a thriving enterprise.

Have the Law on Your Side

Obtaining legal advice is vital to launching a successful home health agency start-up. Attorneys can provide advice about business structure and help draft a business plan. They can also compose employee handbooks or review those you have written to ensure you are in compliance with all state and federal labor laws. Legal experts can also advise on franchise opportunities.

Looking at the Numbers

Having an accounting take part in your home health agency start-up can provide the organization with a solid financial base. Accountants can develop your operating budget and help compose successful financial proposals. The Small Business Administration and local bankers can be an excellent source of obtaining start-up capital and can help obtain needed operating licenses.

Consultants Have Answers

A home health care consulting agency can be of great assistance in your start-up endeavor. They can help with the process of obtaining your business license, recruitment of experienced staff, and strategies to obtain professional referral sources.

Consultants can perform community needs assessments to determine how your agency can best serve your surrounding community. This needs assessment should include researching the demographics of the population and the services and public opinions of your competition. This process helps you gain an understanding of strategies to engage to equate to maximum profit for your start-up.

Experienced consultants understand government regulations and engaging their services ensure you are compliant before acquiring Medicare certification, accreditation and state licensure. They are familiar with the resources you will need to be successful including the preparation of policy and procedure manuals.

Most consultants offer a service to help you navigate through the many types of software and hardware options and make the best choice to handle all aspect of your agency’s operation. Many offer on site services to teach staff how to install and use the purchased software and adapt clinical processes to best utilize your purchase.

Start-up consultants understand the importance of orientation and on going education for your caregivers so they can provide excellent care to your clients. They will introduce you to available educational options and help you establish an orientation program. Consider using advanced chronic disease education to establish specialized care services to set your home health agency start-up from the competition.

Come to Kenyon

kenyon HomeCare Consulting offers a wide range of services that involve all aspects home health agency start-up operations. The professionals at Kenyon seek to learn the the culture of your agency. They will develop business strategies that maximize your agencies strengths and decrease weakness to ensure your start-up success.

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