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Editing A Policy And Procedure Manual: It Should Connect Like All Parts Of The Body Instead Of Being A Disjointed Tool!

Policy and Procedure ManualIf you follow this particular blog, then you know there is a big focus lately on your policy and procedure manual. There is a reason. Surveyors really look at whether you follow your policy and procedure manual. Do you follow it? If this is the first question, then the next is whether you know how to properly edit it. Let’s look at how to make your manual functional.

Ask Yourself This:

There are a few important questions you have to think about when talking about your policy and procedure manual.

  • How Often Do You Complete A Full Review?
  • How Often Are Policies Updated?
  • Do You Reference Your Manual For Decision-Making?
  • Who Is Responsible To Add New Regulations Or Labor Guidelines?
  • What Is Your Check-And-Balance System To Make Sure Your Changes Are Right?

Editing Your Policy And Procedure Manual:

Make sure you are up-to-date. That may sound silly and obvious, but it isn’t. Sometimes, agencies miss new state or federal regs. Or, your operations change while your manual didn’t. You may have addressed items with one employee differently than another. These are all things that set you up for deficiencies at survey time. This is especially important in smaller agencies. Large agencies normally have the staff to assign to specific portions of editing a policy manual. But, smaller agencies often don’t have multiple people in charge of different sections of a manual. This is an important thing to do regardless of your agency size.

How Specific Do I Get?

Some things in your manual are very black and white. Background checks must be present according to state and federal regulations. Period. There is not a debate as to how you can complete it. There are other things that allow you to determine how you show compliance. This is where your editing is so important. If there are five different ways you can prove compliance to a regulation, make sure you don’t make policy that only allows you one way for your agency to complete it. You may have complied with the federal regulation, but still get cited because you didn’t follow your manual. Ultimately, your manual needs to guide your business practices. If it doesn’t, then you need to start over with a new one.

We Have Manuals:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have manuals ready for online download. They can be customized. We have all service lines and have accreditation-ready manuals. Please call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation with a senior consultant.

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