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Employee Retention In Homecare: What Is The Next Step When You Feel Like You Have Done Everything But Still Can’t Keep Staff?

Employee RetetnionThis is the million dollar question, right? Homecare struggles to have the sheer volume of employees to service the clients. On top of it all, employee retention is an issue. Is there a homecare agency out there who isn’t struggling to recruit and retain quality staff? It is a real issue for long-term sustainability for the industry.

Why Do Your Employees Leave?

The first thing people normally say is money. If it was all about the money, then no one would be in homecare. The mismatch between reimbursement of inpatient versus in-home care has always been there. If money was the main factor, there would never have been an applicant there in the first place. Maybe you need to consider what you ask when they leave. Now, we are talking about the form itself. Does it look the same as it did 20 years ago? If so, then you get information from exit paperwork that doesn’t help retain employees. If you are long-term in homecare, consider what would make someone leave 20 years ago or 10 years ago versus now.

Challenged Versus Overwhelmed:

You hear employees talk about being overwhelmed. It becomes important for employers to distinguish between the two concepts of challenged versus overwhelmed. Employees need to be challenged to find the job fulfilling. It is the nature of work. Without the work being fulfilling, employees will find a reason to leave. Now, the question needs to be: How do we keep employees fulfilled in the job they do. By pushing the employee past challenging into overwhelming, you change job satisfaction. It is a balance for employees with different thresholds for each.

What Does Your Training Do To Keep Employees?

Exit interviews often communicate a lack of job training to provide the employee a comfort level doing their jobs. Because homecare employees are on their own in the home, making sure the comfort level is attained is huge for retention. Often times, we don’t consider the additional stress an employee may have who hasn’t worked in homecare in the past. Dealing with complex cases of co-morbidities may be scary for employees or make them feel unprepared. This is definitely applicable for home health aides.

Work For Advancement:

Training and education needs to result in a potential for advancement in the field. Setting up advancement ladders provide the employee with incentives that can lead to improved job performance and improved engagement along with financial incentives. Make sure education and applying it to processes within the patient homes. This leads to visible improvement in employee status and advancement of the employee as a valued member of the team. The right training and right incentives make all the difference in employee retention.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we offer training specifically to home care aides and we also focus on retention strategies for your aides. Our training helps to empower the home health aide to a more integral part of the home care team. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help your retention.


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