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Employer Rights: Knowing What To Do When You NEED Employees Back In The Office. Make Sure You Protect Yourself From Paying Undeserved Unemployment Benefits


As employers continue to muddle through the “new normal” in the workplace amidst the pandemic, getting people back to work has been a struggle. Regardless the reason for the push-back, employers have had to sift through when it makes sense to allow employees to continue working from home and when they need to be on-site. Regardless of your agency decision, you will need to understand your rights as the employer when it comes to an employee’s refusal to work.

Know Your Rights:

For the purpose of this article, we will refer directly to the Employment Security Department for Washington State. For the other states, consult governor’s orders, unemployment websites, and your state’s job and family services websites and references. First, you need to decide if there is a problem with allowing the employee to continue to work from home. If you have a good employee who has not changed productivity or accountability while working from home, then it may make sense to keep them home. You may decide it makes no sense to bring those employees in and pose any additional risk to them. We realize this may not be the case for many employees. My mother used to always say, “Even good people can do bad things” when it comes to the workplace. Let’s face it, some people do not have the discipline to be productive from home and need the structure. It is what it is and it is fine for the employer to make this a clear reason behind the need for on-site work. If the employer is maintaining safety guidelines as outlined by the CDC, the state Department of Health, and your state’s Department of Labor, then the employee cannot receive unemployment benefits with a refusal to work.

Legitimate Reasons To Turn Down A Return To Work:

Make sure you, as the employer have done what is necessary to have the employer return to work. If not, then you will be required to continue unemployment benefits. Let’s look as some of the items necessary to promote a safe work return for employees.

(Information cirted directly from the Employment Security Department for Washington State)

Unjustified Reasons To Turn Down A Return To Work On-Site:

The Employment Security Departments are very clear on reasons not considered legitimate for the employee to refuse on-site work.

  • The employee makes more on unemployment then what he or she would make back on the job
  • The employees doesn’t want to go back to work
  • The employee is nervous about the return to work but there is no other reason why he/she cannot return. (This one is tough because you will have employees who suffer from a true fear of what a return to work looks like. We as citizens have had an overload of fearful media presences and differeing reports of what is going on in our country. Many people quite simply do not know what to believe and are petrified to go out. Following guidelines will help alleviate anxiety for employees with a legitimate fear.) There must be an accepted reason from the state for the employee not to return.

Navigating Changes In Our Homecare World:

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