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Excited To Start Up Your New Home Care Agency?

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Achieving the Ultimate Success

When we start a new home health, home care or hospice business and are experiencing the excitement and exhilaration of the new venture, we seldom remember that we are building beyond the near future. We are also building for the time we retire and/or sell our agency or have a succession plan to pass it to our children. The best time to think about what your home health, home care or hospice agency will be worth is at the very beginning.

When starting up any business, the business fundamentals — matters that must be tended to before you do anything else – need to be hammered out first. What do you want the ultimate outcome for your successful home health, home care or hospice agency start-up to be? Is this going to be your retirement or a legacy for your children? For instance, if it is for retirement and you feel that you will need several million in your retirement account when you sell the agency, you will want to build an agency that is structurally sound, operationally efficient, with cash flow and incomes to meet that goal. So how do you do that? Read more…

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