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Having Issues With Recruitment and Retention? What’s Your Culture Like? Today, Would You Apply To Work At Your Agency?

recruitment and retention

There is no question that recruitment and retention is a struggle in the industry right now. Administrators have so many different generations of employees. And, considering each of them have different ways of learning and views about the workplace, it can be tough to determine the best way to get and keep people in your organization. So, we are going to look at your corporate culture and how it affects recruitment and retention.

Truly Analyze Your Corporate Culture:

Organizational culture affects how EVERYTHING happens in your agency. It affects how you deal with employees, they deal with each other, and how all of you deal with patients and referral sources. On the positive side, your organizational culture can help build your organization while a negative one can bring it down. So, it is worth drilling down every belief and value and understanding the environment in your organization. You may find that it is not what you think it is. If so, then you have a starting point to move forward in making positive changes.

This process always begins with your mission statement. Does you mission statement match your corporate culture? In agencies struggling with recruitment and retention, the answer is usually “no”. If no, then you need to look at whether your mission has changed or what has changed that the mismatch exists. Has there been a change in administration? Has administration changed its focus away from corporate culture? Is the employee’s individual role in helping guide corporate culture diminished? How you change the negative into the positive within your agency comes next.

Corporate Culture Always Begins At The Top:

Yes, that is a true statement. What is considered the personality of your agency ALWAYS begins with you. You want employees to have consistency about the characteristics of your agency. Whether good or bad, this is helpful to you in moving forward. Know what your agency’s driving force is and again, does it match the mission? Don’t minimize bonding efforts you put in place for your organization. As agencies become busier and busier, this has been lost. Ultimately, keeping everything professional all the time is not possible. Your agency is its own ecosystem and “family”. So, it has to be nurtured the same way. Employees need time to bond as part of the organization and as the individual person.

Recently, I was in an organization where the flat screen TV in the break room was about 60″. It was a pretty small break room. While consulting there, the administrator informed me that all the employees watch a Netflix series together at least once a week at lunch time. Awesome! This gave the employees time to bond that isn’t about work. It seems like a small thing, but it can huge for bonding. You also have your times we like to call “company t-shirt time”. It is the corporate softball team that allows the employees to represent your agency in a way that is fun and positive for them. When I was working as a staff nurse in home health, the administration showed up to our branch office for staff meeting and fixed the staff a hot breakfast to order. We did not have that kind of interaction with administration and we all thought it was great. Again, don’t minimize little things that mean a lot.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help:

Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help with your recruitment and retention efforts. It may mean you need someone to help drill down the culture and help become the change you need. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can be the objective gauge of your corporate culture. Also, join us for our free ICD 10 coding webinar Are You Leaving Money On The Table? on October 7th.

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