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How to Hire the Best People to Staff Your Home Care Agency


For your home care agency to thrive in the future, the best home care staff possible is a must. Not only are you hiring for competency, you are hiring for fit. So, how do you hire the best?

To begin, develop a profile of the ideal person you want. The job description is a good start but not the whole story. Develop the profile by using the job description for basic requirements such as

  • experience
  • education
  • basic knowledge requirements for the job
  • licensure or certification if needed
  • competencies
  • accomplishments
  • job history demonstrating required years in the particular job
  • physical requirements such as lifting, care and ability to drive, valid insurance etc.

Basic job requirements screen out applicants that do not meet the necessities.

The second part of the profile is the most critical and usually the least acknowledged as important in the hiring process. The individual you hire must also be a “fit” for your home care agency in terms of personality and other interpersonal skills. For instance, if you are hiring an administrative assistant, carefully describe how that individual would present themselves to others. Some of the descriptors of “fit” for your consideration include:

  • dressed professionally
  • pleasant and outgoing
  • good listener
  • team player
  • loyal to the employer
  • high integrity
  • excellent phone personality
  • reliable
  • timely with work assignments
  • work completed with little or no errors
  • responsible for own work quality and productivity
  • poised
  • good personality match for those with whom she/he works

Screening for basic job requirements is a clerical function. It does not need the time of higher paid staff. Therefore, one of the clerical staff can screen candidates, selecting those that meet and do not meet the basic requirements. Additionally, this individual is responsible for sending “thank you for applying” letters to those who do not meet the basic requirements. They are also accountable for scheduling interviews with qualified candidates.

If you need help with the hiring process of your home care agency, feel free to call Kenyon HomeCare Consulting at 206-721-5091 or e-mail We are here to help.

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