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Ginny Kenyon
Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN Owner & CEO

About Kenyon Homecare Consulting

Kenyon Homecare Consulting was established in 1998 by Ginny Kenyon. The company was birthed out of the many years of experience and knowledge gained by Ginny, and her desire to share this wealth of knowledge and expertise nationally. Ginny designed and structured Kenyon Homecare Consulting using thoughtful development, customized comprehensive solutions, and personal hands-on consulting practices that allow its customers to achieve their goals and sustain success.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting encourages organizations to discover their unique strength and character within the marketplace. Working closely with senior associates and industry partners, we help establish realistic goals and pave the way for clear outcomes for success.

A premier resource within the home health care industry, Kenyon Homecare Consulting balances hands-on consulting with professional expertise. Creating a business approach that humanizes the spirit of cooperative growth while clearly defining strategic outcomes, Kenyon Homecare Consulting provides a dynamic and enlightened approach to business change and development.

Mission Statement

Deeply committed to raising the quality of the home care industry, Kenyon Homecare Consulting helps fulfill the dreams of our clients while improving the health and well-being of the citizens in our country

Vision Statement

To establish Kenyon as the premier home care consultant in the US.

What We Do

Kenyon Homecare Consulting provides smarter solutions and better outcomes for the home health care industry. Working with Medicare-certified home health, hospice, private pay, and other home health care entities, our expertise supports organizations as they diversify and expand in practical ways.

By integrating informed leadership and professional guidance, our expert consulting services support a positive approach to change for interim management, organizational restructuring, and agency startups.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting’s unique understanding of the industry helps you discover your strengths within your marketplace. Our specialized services include accreditation and licensing assistance, ICD-10 Coding, and OASIS education, marketing & sales, and due diligence for purchaser sale. These services and more are designed to establish a strong organization and encourage growth and increased stability over time.

Our products include up-to-date policies and procedures manuals, operations manual, aide testing kit, employee handbook, and clinical policies and procedures that have been created to help support the services we provide to you.

Our in-depth knowledge of national, state, and local issues and compliance translates our consulting services into winning formulas that put you in a unique position to sustain growth and stability while achieving long-term financial success.