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Chronic Disease University

Chronic disease education is more important than ever. With a growing population requiring care for chronic diseases, the demand for trained staff who have the knowledge necessary to provide specialized services continues to rise.

Those with advanced chronic disease education are in high demand. Caring for clients diagnosed with chronic diseases such as dementia, CHF, COPD, or stoke require state-of-the-art education to expertly deliver specialized care. Advanced chronic disease education is a must for continuing education and career advancement goals.

Kenyon HomeCare Consulting developed Chronic Disease University to give you the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to provide clients with five-star chronic disease care. As the only online continuing education program of its kind, Chronic Disease University:

  • Teaches how to recognize red flags and quickly respond to a client’s changing condition
  • Provides advanced education necessary to decrease hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room
  • Increases the value of training and lowers health care costs for clients
  • Teaches how to proactively intervene on a patient’s behalf to improve health outcomes

Whether you are an organization wanting to provide state-of-the-art chronic disease education for your staff through the convenience of an online portal, or an individual who desires advanced chronic disease education for continuing education or career advancement, Chronic Disease University is your solution.

Webinar Education

If your life is hectic and you can’t find the time to attend conferences and seminars to gain needed industry knowledge, Kenyon HomeCare Consulting has a library of informational and educational webinar sessions that you can view on demand, as well as register for any upcoming webinar sessions.

Purchase Chronic Disease University

Product Information

You can purchase one or multiple courses or (slots) today from Chronic Disease University. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email explaining how to access your course(s). Course(s) must be completed within 90 days of purchase.

Access to Completion Certificates will be available for reprinting for 2 years after purchase.

1 -20 Slots $39.95 each slot. Agencies or individuals needing more than 20 slots, please call our office for pricing.

  • Care of the Client with Arthritis$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Congestive Heart Failure$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with COPD$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Symptoms of Dementia$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Depression$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Diabetes$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client with Parkinson’s Disease$39.95Add to cart
  • Care of the Client who has Experienced a Stroke$39.95Add to cart

Webinar Education

Product Information

You can view all webinar sessions on demand for $79.95. Click the webinar title of your choice and follow the instructions to gain access to the session.

  • Retaining Your Home Care Aides by Developing High Quality Career Ladders$79.95 Add to cart
  • OASIS Integrity the Key to Success!$79.95 Add to cart
  • Are You Getting Your Maximum Reimbursement Under PDGM?$79.95 Add to cart