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start up

Don’t Initiate Your Home Health Agency Start-up Without These Partners!

Starting any business is an exciting event!  There are many decisions to make regarding location, hiring employees and obtaining needed equipment or inventory for your new organization. If you are developing a home health agency start-up, you...

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How Will Bundled Payments Effect Home Care?

Everyone has heard about how Obamacare is driving a change in healthcare reimbursement from a pay per service model (where each service is reimbursed against a price sheet) to a pay per outcome model, and ultimately to an accountable care model...

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Holiday Season

This holiday season, you may be looking toward the festive celebrations, the joyful atmosphere, the giving and receiving of gifts, the wintry landscape, and special times spent with family and friends. ICD-10 most likely is way in the back of...

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ICD 10 coding

7 Methods Used to Increase Profits With ICD Coding Outsourcing

In late June, CMS released the results of the second round of end-to-end, Medicare claims-submissions tests. The results were 88% compliance using the new ICD-10 code, which, in the opinion of CMS, is on track for the October 1, 2015...

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October 1

ICD-10 is Coming! Will You Still be in Business Next Year?

Are you experiencing fatigue with the all the “ICD-10 crisis alerts?”  As much as you dislike the bombardment, we are concerned about your survival!  CMS has estimated that as high as 50% of the existing home health agencies will be out of...

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ICD-10 Implementation Date Is Rapidly Approaching! Are You Ready?

Last year, on October 1, 2014, 82% of healthcare practices were not fully prepared for what was then thought to be the ICD-10 implementation deadline. CMS has made it clear that implementation will indeed happen on October 1, 2015. CMS has...

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