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Homecare Manuals: 8 Reasons Purchasing Is Superior To Doing It Yourself

Running a homecare organization is no easy task. It involves mounds and mounds of paperwork, legalities, and guidelines. Failing to do things correctly or completely can lead to penalties, fines, or serious consequences disturbing the flow of business and possibly causing long-term damage. However, accurate and up-to-date customizable homecare manuals are a simple way to safeguard your agency’s future.

These manuals provide a resource for staff to access whenever questions arise and they need guidance regarding client care or appropriate behavior. Comprehensive tools ensure your organization remains compliant and that you hire and effectively train only the best employees.

How Purchasing Homecare Manuals Benefits Your Organizationhomecare manuals

Writing your own homecare manuals is a huge headache! Finding time to fit this task into your schedule is difficult, to say the least. But, trusting an inexperienced employee to get it done right isn’t always the best idea either. The solution? Purchasing homecare manuals written by industry experts.

Here are eight ways acquiring homecare manuals from a pro is better than attempting to “do it yourself” and creating them on your own.


First of all, if you want a well-written, perfectly designed manual with the best layout, then forget about producing one yourself. Instead, consider purchasing what you need from someone with years of industry experience writing compliant manuals.


At first glance, purchasing homecare manuals from a reputable company may appear to be outside your budget. However, breaking down the costs of attempting to create your own manuals, you quickly realize that the former is less expensive.

First, add up all the time you or your employees spend on the researching and writing- about 300 hours on average. Also, don’t forget the cost of materials, and the cost of updating on a regular basis. Now, you’ve got quite an expense on your hands!


This one is a no-brainer, but it’s important. Your time is limited!  Caring for clients, growing your agency and not pouring over documents is a better use of your valuable time.


The homecare industry is constantly evolving and failing to comply with regulations leads to serious repercussions. It’s vital to keep your manuals in check. Professionals who are in the know create manuals that are complete and meet regulations, keeping you in compliance.


In addition, there are several different types of homecare organizations, and each is subject to different regulations. Homecare experts have the knowledge to customize your manuals to meet specific Medicare home health, hospice or non-skilled care needs.


Meeting ACHC and CHAP standards when seeking accreditation is difficult and requires additions and tweaks to many policies and procedures. So, when purchasing professional manuals, be sure the contents meet these standards allowing for an easier agency accreditation process.


As a business owner, you welcome and appreciate anything that makes your life easier. With customized homecare manuals, you don’t have to worry if the information is up to date. Leave that to the professionals!


What good is a comprehensive, well-written manual if no one is able to use it? With customized electronic homecare manuals, documents are easily accessible online by all team members. Therefore, preventing issues while caregivers are in the field and helping to keep things moving smoothly.

Kenyon HomeCare Consulting and Homecare Manuals

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer several different manuals in our marketplace to best meet your needs based on agency type. We also provide consultants available to help you insert state specific standards into your manuals. We can help get your agency ready for accreditation, help revamp organizational processes, or help set up new processes. Give us a call today to learn more!

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