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How Do You Change The Mindset Of Therapy Care Plans In Preparation For PDGM? One Step At A Time And Start Now Before The Ball Drops On New Year’s Eve!

one step at a timeWhether you are new to homecare or have been around for decades, change is always a given! Now, with the PDGM model, it becomes more important to analyze and see if things can be done more efficiently in your therapy program. Wait, it is more than important. It is crucial. Let’s look at steps to make it happen. 

5 Steps To Therapy Change: 

You need to know where to start. If already in the process, then you may see big change or be frustrated with lack of results. Consider methodically approaching the process. 

  • Check Your Outcomes: The first step is checking the therapy report card. Do you see the improvements you need from an Oasis standpoint? If not, then figure out if therapy is underperforming or the Oasis is being marked improperly on SOC or DC. 
  • Check The Documentation: Does it paint the picture of what the therapist is really doing? Is everything documented back to a functional goal? If you don’t know why each intervention is being performed, then it needs to change. 
  • Talk About PDGM: Whether you have contract or staff therapy, the discipline has been attached to additional payment for decades. The idea of managing visits has been different for nursing than therapy. It is a reality. So, therapy mindset has been different. The mindset with PDGM must change since the payment no longer follows the therapist. 
  • Alter The Paradigm: Now comes the management of the care plan between all skilled disciplines. This has been a big focus of care planning for years. Care coordination becomes completely focused on functional goals between all skills. Not therapy versus nursing versus home health aide. This is crucial for PDGM profitability. 
  • Evaluate The Program Often: This will be a work in progress for you that are just beginning. Others who have started know can be challenging. However, for those who successfully implement a meshed and coordinated care plan, it is just better! It really can function like a well-oiled machine. Evaluate the program by looking at your chronic disease care. It is the single most important tool to advance coordinated care for a PDGM world. 

We Can Help: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can help you advance a coordinated care program. Whether you need help with documentation, chronic disease education, or operational change call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help. 

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