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How Good Is Your Policy And Procedure Manual? It Can Only Be As Good As The One Writing It!

Test YourselfA well-written policy and procedure manual is important for your home care regardless the line of service. Here’s the thing: Do you know if yours is well-written? If you aren’t sure, then you need to consider all that goes into a good policy and procedure manual. 

Communication Is Key: 

How well do you communicate with staff? Think about times you have meant to communicate one thing and staff interpretation was different? If that is your reality, then how well does your policy and procedure manual say what you need? You may have other staff that writes your policy.  Regardless of who writes the actual policy, have a policy committee read it and interpret its meaning. There is a fine line between too strict a policy and too vague. 

Is It Electronically Available To All Employees? 

A perfect manual is not useful if staff can’t easily access it.  In this technology-driven world, a policy and procedure manual should be simple to view. In addition, the manual should be easy for you to update. Clinical staff need the ability to access procedures in the home during patient care. Staff also need to understand bonus payouts, leave time, and disciplinary policies. The clearer you are, the more defensible policies are in employee disputes. 

How Organized Are You? 

Consider that a well-written policy and procedure manual is organized and easy to follow. So, if you aren’t organized, you may want to have someone else methodically write your policies. You would still be integral in communicating what needs to be in them, but that detail-oriented employee is usually a good choice for policy writing. 

Do You Have The Time It Takes To Keep Your Manual Up-To-Date? 

New regulations, personnel issues, and clinical policy take a lot of time to create and update. You must be careful to hit all the regulations. Make sure you have a work product and processes that avoid confusion.  It is time intensive trying to keep up with regulation changes, so you need to decide if it makes more sense to buy a manual you can edit instead of starting from scratch. 

Kenyon HomeCare Consulting: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have manuals ready for download and edit today! Whether you need accreditation-ready, skilled, or private duty. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to discuss if this option is right for you!

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