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How’s Your Coding Going? Is ICD-10 Taking A Back Seat To Everything Else Right Now?

ICD coding

It’s easy to see why you may have taken the foot off the gas when it comes to coding. You dealt with COP changes, and potentially the review choice demonstration and then PDGM hits. Oh, let’s not forget the pandemic in all of that. If you are just trying to keep your head above water, then you are definitely not alone. Here’s the thing: coding can’t be overlooked. Ever. Let’s take a quick look into your coding and see if you should consider a different route.

Are You Keeping Up?

Take a look at your coding practices. If you are in-house, then you should ask how your coders keep up to date with coding changes as they occur. If they have the proper references, then ask how often the resources are used or checked for updates? Are they notified by email or do they have a system to check the updates along the way. Are your coders certified? If feels like we should be way beyond this, but the reality is many agencies don’t use certified coders. Often times the nurses code their own charts or the ones responsible to code are self taught.

Next, look at your mix of codes. Coders can get in a rut just like anyone else. It may be easier to throw a certain applicable code in as primary even when your gut says if you dig a little more, there may be something more relevant. And let’s face it, coders get tired of trying to get additional information from nurses all the time. The coders don’t want to bother them any more than they want to be bothered by the coders. So, many times, things can get missed. Pull your last 6 months of diagnosis codes. Do patterns of the same codes emerge? Maybe those codes are correct and you work with a specific specialty who sends you a lot of the same type of patient. If it’s not, then maybe you should consider some side-by-side recodes to see if anything changes.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Do 5 Free Recodes:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we focus on high-quality home care and provide comprehensive services to help agencies reach their goals. If you are considering outsourced coding or you need a back-up in times of surge or employee absences, we can help. If you question the ongoing accuracy of your current coding or have other coding needs, let us complete 5 free recodes for you. Our highly skilled coders can help with proper coding and Oasis along with education to staff to help improve clinician accuracy.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you.

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