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ICD 10 Coding: How Good Is Your Internal Program? Prepare Yourself For Staffing Changes And Surge Without Blinking An Eye. Evaluate Your System And You Won’t Regret It!

HelpBecause of changes in the COP’s, you have heard the words emergency preparedness more in the last two years than what you ever thought.  Now, consider how you look at your in-house ICD 10 coding.  Have you prepared it for an emergency?

What You Have Now:

You have invested in certified coders.  That is great.  And, if things have been rolling pretty smoothly for you, that is even better.  This industry continues to be pressed with more auditing to make sure reimbursement is correct.  You cannot afford to have anything slow down your progress.  Here are some things to consider when evaluating your current system:

  • Surges: How much additional coding and Oasis review can your current coders handle? Maybe you are already at maximum capacity.
  • Medical/ Family Leave: If your current coders are very reliable and only miss work for the occasional short term illness, then what would you do if any of them were suddenly out for months unexpectedly?
  • Turnover: The home health industry is extremely competitive and long term coders may want to leave for better salary, hours, or flexibility to work from home.  What happens if your one and only long term coder leaves in two weeks? If you think it cannot happen, then you need to think again.
  • Termination: What if you suddenly need to terminate a coder for policy violations or lack of performance.  You have to consider the time it takes to hire and train someone new. What if you don’t have that person to train the new hire?
  • Accuracy: You know the importance of coders being certified, but have you evaluated accuracy.  It is important with any agency to have a check and balance to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Consider Your Back-Up Plan:

You need to always consider having an outsourced ICD 10 coding system in place for all the reasons listed.  If you get a reputable coding company on board, you can have a solution for all your coding needs.  Whether you have a termination, surge, or medical leave; you can continue without missing a beat.  CMS is expanding pre-claim review. This means more states will be pressed for time to move forward with coding and documentation review so RAP payments don’t slow down.  If you don’t have someone reviewing your codes and documentation until weeks down the road, you will inevitably deal with cash flow problems.  If you find that your current documentation does not yield reimbursement equal to state or national averages, then maybe you need additional education to get your agency receiving the dollars you deserve for care you provide.

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, We Have Your Coding Solution:

Kenyon Homecare Consulting takes a comprehensive approach at helping agencies succeed at ICD 10 coding.  We can educate, go on-site with clinical staff, and provide off site ongoing support for your needs.  Whether you need us to cover in times of surge or turnover or you want us to take over your coding; we can help.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see if we can help be your back-up plan or ongoing coding partner.

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