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ICD 10 Coding In Today’s Home Care World: Making Something Complex And Complicated Much Less Frustrating And More Cost-Effective All In The Same Breath!

OutsourceIn ICD 10 coding for home care, you know Oasis and documentation must match the diagnosis to be valid.  If you don’t appropriately document, then you miss out on the benefits of proper coding.  Let’s look at how outsourcing your coding can help you manage the day-to-day a whole lot easier.

Eliminate The Coder To Clinician Struggle:

Have you had on-site coders in your agency in the past? You are not alone if you have had a tough time between nurse and coder.  Nurses are often offended when a coder recognizes discrepancies in documentation.  Certified Coders are tuned into the Oasis tool.  And, it is in a different way than nurses are programmed to understand it.  It is a data collection tool.  This is a pure and simple fact.  Yes, nurses make the judgment while in the home, but the pieces of the Oasis tool fit together not as an independent systematic nursing assessment.  Certified coders are trained on the puzzle pieces that must fit together.  Nurses are educated to assess each person according to each body system.  The two are different.

If you outsource, then you eliminate the tug-of-war that can happen between coding and clinicians.  Time and resources go into personnel management are a realistic thing to consider here.

Improve Turnover Time:

Outsourcing is important when talking turnover time.  If you only have one or two coders on staff, you are behind the eight ball with extended illnesses or other efficiency issues.  These agencies should always have a back-up plan in place to assist if this happens.  Outsourcing from a back-up standpoint is smart in times increased census or long absences.  Outsourcing coding companies often have a guarantee on turnover time.  Look at your coders in-house.  Have you measured turnover time? If you can submit the RAP sooner, then you improve cash flow and have more time to get orders signed.

Financial Savings:

Having Certified Coders in-house is expensive.  You are not just paying for the direct cost of labor, but everything else for the employee.  There are your typical direct and indirect costs, but ongoing education is a biggie.  Coding rules are ever-changing.  What is correct today will not be down the road.  So, staff must have time to keep updated and educated along the way. Coding is not being completed for your agency during this time.  When outsourced, this is not your responsibility.

Many times, in-house ICD 10 coding employees are not certified. If you have those employees doing your ICD 10 coding who have been to a seminar or two, then you are missing out financially.  Most agencies will see hundreds of dollars difference in the episode reimbursement from a certified coder versus the alternative.  It is not uncommon to see up to a thousand dollars difference just from the use of unspecified codes.

Let Us Help Be Your Coding Solution:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have certified coding experts with significant home health experience.  We can help with on site and virtual training. We can be your coding solution as well as your coding back-up.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online today to see how we can help you.

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