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ICD 10 Coding: What’s Really In A Diagnosis? Using It Properly Can Make You The Cadillac Of The Careplan! Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Hit The Nail On The Head!

ICD-10 CodingICD 10 Coding is so much more than a number in the PDGM world. Understanding and investing in proper coding and care planning can’t be minimized as you move your agency into the future. If you haven’t looked at outsourcing or hiring your own certified coders, now is the time. If you are already at this step, then it is time to see where it takes you clinically and how it helps financially. 

Outsourcing Or In-House Certified ICD 10 Coding: 

It is well documented why having certified coders complete this work is a must regardless the size of your Medicare program. Agencies often discount the importance of accurate coding when it come to a small Medicare census. Ultimately, improper coding leaves your agency open for financial loss as well as denials when ADRs come your way. The time to make that commitment is now before you are knee-deep in PDGM. Don’t miss the big picture here. Understand what you lose by not investing in proper ICD 10 coding. 

The Next Step: 

Regardless of your certified ICD 10 coding solution, the next step is about making the code translate to the care plan. Consider this question: Does your current EMR decrease the critical thinking that used to be involved in developing a care plan? Many times, the answer is yes. Does clinical staff have specificity enough in coding to go back to basics? Regardless the professional clinical background, the basics deal with writing out care plans in college. Every clinician remembers it, just ask them! If you are not a clinician, then talk this through with your clinical administrator. It meant digging into the disease process and developing interventions based upon that deep dive into clinical care. Nursing and therapy students had to understand the disease for which interventions were based. Look closely at the diagnosis and not just the body system affected. 

Ok, So You See What We Mean: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, there is a commitment to helping agencies bridge the gap between administrative and clinical. Whether you need to improve financial outcomes or clinical ones, we help get you there. We have coding and billing solutions to see if your current system really maximizes your accuracy along with reimbursement. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online today and let us provide a free 5 code side-by-side comparison of your current system. 

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