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Interim Management: Keeping The Pulse Of Your Homecare Beating During Extended Absences Of The Administrator.

interim managementRegardless the size of your home care, all pieces of the administration puzzle are key. The use of interim management during extended absences often overlooked. Let’s look at how interim management can help the ship continue running smoothly even with a large piece missing. 


It’s the call from a senior level administrator you never want to receive. There’s been an accident or sudden illness.  The anticipation is 3-6 months out or more. This is a good employee and you don’t want to lose him. Although you have worked at a cross-training program so everyone can fill in for each other, it has never been an issue. Maybe your agency is already spread so thin at the admin level that there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover the workload of the other. If you can already see yourself behind the 8-ball, then consider interim management before you are catching up from behind. This industry has too many changes on a yearly basis. You have to be in a constant forward motion and without an interim to keep things moving, your direction won’t be forward. 

Why Interim Management: 

The first reason people don’t consider interim management is the expense attached to it. If this has been your reason, then you need to reconsider. When administration is out, it usually means hourly employees are working longer to cover the holes. This means staff burnout, lots of overtime wage, and more chances for regulatory compliance to slump. The world of healthcare doesn’t have the luxury to let regulations slide. Ask anyone in their second or third round of probe and educate. Ask those in Illinois who have been through the pre-claim review process. Interim Management roles evolve with the needs of your specific agency. You may see that with interim management from the start, you may be able to utilize the service part-time to meet your needs effectively. 

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Has What You Need: 

Ay Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have senior level interim managers with decades of experiences in all service lines. Whether you know exactly what you need or need to determine it, we can help. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30-minute consultation today. 


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