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Interim Management: Looking Forward To The Future Of Home Care Administration. Do You Have 20/20 Vision Or Need An Adjustment?

interim managementYou have overseen your agency for years. So, maybe the idea of interim management has never crossed your mind. Maybe it is time to think about it. This includes seeing the interim manager functioning on a different level for your agency. 

20/20 Vision: 

No one has a crystal ball. We can’t say what the Medicare benefit will look like in ten years. If you haven’t anticipated well in the previous years, then you may continue to struggle. Based upon the transition of more home and community based care as opposed to institutional services, the medical home model will continue to progress. In order to have a successful agency, you need to look ahead effectively. 

Enter Interim Management: 

Sometimes, it is difficult to make changes in the world you live in daily. In other words, it becomes difficult to see the forest for the trees. If you are involved in so many pieces of the puzzle, you may not see the collective puzzle. Interim Management will enter the agency and work side-by-side to see the flow and evolution of your business. Have you tried to implement processes unsuccessfully? Do you need to step back and see why you aren’t functioning the way you want? Maybe, the vision isn’t there the way it normally is. These are all reasons an interim can work with you to help your agency improve and prosper. It isn’t a judgment on your ability. It is more an ability for objectivity with leaders in the industry who work throughout different states.

If you send staff to training to keep skills fresh, then why would you not consider the same for yourself? Now, you may counter and say you attend seminars or conferences, but those don’t work directly with you from an internal level.  You meet with your leadership and work directly on operational changes and vision internally, but no one works directly with you. 

Be The Change: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, interim management has seasoned consultants who work all over the US to help businesses advance to future success. Let us help see if you are pointed in the right direction to succeed in a PDGM world and beyond.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see if short term interim management is right for you. 

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