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Is Your Home Care Agency Headed For A Ditch? Want To See How To Get It Back On Track? How Does An Operational Assessment Get You Back On Solid Ground?

organizational assessment

Today, agencies are so focused on just getting through day-to-day operations that you can lose site of what isn’t working. Or, you know something is broken, but aren’t sure how to fix it. An operational assessment gives you so much more than just noting was isn’t going well. Let’s look at what it can do for your agency.

Reasons To Consider An Operational Assessment:

If you are struggling in spite of interventions to improve outcomes financially or clinically, then it is time to consider getting an outside source to help with a plan. Let’s consider the top 5 reasons to consider an operational assessment.

  • Financial Decline: If you have seen ongoing decline in margins, it is time. Consider it before you are consistently in the red or in panic mode.
  • Not Meeting State Or National Averages For Reimbursement: This is a big one. If your agency is doing the work but doesn’t have the money to maintain quality, then it is time to have someone see what you are missing. An operational assessment can help you move into paths that lead you to clinical and financial gain.
  • Considering Selling Your Agency: Many small business owners have built agencies focused on the mission of the patient, but are struggling to make ends meet. Before you throw up your hands thinking the only option is a sale, have someone else take a look at the whole picture. It is sometimes difficult to see the path to significant change when you are immersed in the day-to-day. It may be that you want to buy an agency and need a due diligence to see what you are buying and the value attached to it.
  • Maintaining Staff: Turnover is huge in today’s home care industry. How do you keep good home health aides and nurses? What has been addressed to help with turnover? Do you analyze the overall job satisfaction of employees effectively? An exit interview is just a piece of paper if you don’t analyze what it means.
  • Clinical Efficiency/ Outcomes: It is tough to put the pieces of the clinical puzzle together in a way that meets the goals of the patient if true coordinated care planning isn’t done. Maybe you have tried, but efforts have not provided meaningful change. It is time for someone to put together a work plan that changes your clinical paradigm. It makes a huge difference when you don’t have to develop the plan along with carrying it out.

So, What Comes Next?

Operational assessments can come as a focused review or an overall assessment of the agency. Many times, it may just be the clinical that an agency needs to put coordinated care planning together with meaningful outcomes. Sometimes, its looking at the financial and clinical together. An agency may know they aren’t making the dollars they should, but no intervention has made the difference. In these cases, it is often an operational consultant with a financial consultant working together to analyze cost reports, financials, HHRGs, the educational program, clinical pathways, and marketing together. It really depends on what is going on within your agency.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Help You Through:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we focus on helping agencies become become efficient and work through regulations and compliance. We can complete your organizational assessment and develop a plan to get you where you need to be. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30 minute consultation with a senior consultant.

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